Spent all of today feeling SO inspired with my work! I’ve been working on my portfolio website for my graphics and website design very slowly over the last few months but today I put nearly 12 hours of work into it and its come on so much. I also had a breakthrough with another website that I’d not really been happy with before.

One of the big things I did today was put together all these mock up displays which will be the header images on each of the portfolio pages, and looking at these I’m actually so proud of all my work right now. Particularly the reflexology ones which I really really love.

If you have a business or an etsy shop or anything you need a logo or a website for please do get in touch as I’m trying to build this portfolio and the more work the better. I’m doing a 50% discount on the rates I’d normally charge for anyone who comes to me through tumblr as I really want to get my portfolio bigger.

The reason for that is that design is about the only job I can do with my illnesses and it helps to pay for the huge medical costs associated with Ehlers Danlos Sydnrome, so if theres anything you think I could help you with - as small as a little monogram that takes half an hour or a big website - I’d really love to help you make it beautiful. Contact me by messaging me here or on my businesses facebook page:

If you feel like making my day it would help me a lot if you could share this as it increases the chance of me being able to keep getting the treatment I need.

Shoutout to theecrohniegrace for letting me do her logos for Scarves for Spoonies and Wild Witchings in the middle, and spinninglovestory for her logo and blog theme!

You Should Read Michelle Tea's Book How To Grow Up

You Should Read Michelle Tea’s Book How To Grow Up

I love Michelle Tea. I can’t say much more than at 22 years old I read Valencia and finally found a literary voice that sounded like my own. Kind of breathless excitement about life, stories and a fascination with other people and my feelings and how they affected one another. Reading Michelle Tea told me I could be a published writer, too. It also told me I could maybe one day be an artist and…

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Real Talk: Fellow Freelance Artists!

I finally got myself together and decided to look into the invoice section on Paypal earlier, then found a wonderful tutorial on how to use it specifically as an artist. I want to try and open up my regular commissions again soon, but I want to do it right this time and I’d like to try and start using invoices to keep better track of my clients and payments.

I have a question for any fellow artists who have done or currently take commission work as income: What payment method do you prefer using?

I know a lot of artists like to do the half-before and half-after method, which I’ve never done because I wasn’t sure how safe it was. I imagine it (might) be safer if you use invoices and withhold the full-resolution product until the final payment is made… but it still seems sketchy.

Or do you provide a free concept sketch prior to them paying, and if they like the sketch then you invoice them the amount (or as installments as you work, depending on how much)? I’m just trying to figure out what would be the safest/easiest option to go with in the invoicing.

I’m just trying to be more clean/professional with my work I’ve been doing this long enough I should have a better method. Anyway, what do my fellow freelancers generally do when approached with the question of how the client will pay? What do you find is the best option??


Here’re my favorite old tee designs. Figured I’m not using them anymore so I’ll let you guys play with the transparent ones if you like. 

Just credit/source and don’t repost or remove the watermark.

And in case it doesn’t go without saying, don’t use them to make shirts. >.<

☆ All of my commissions are open now! ☆

I am pretty flexible, if there is something you have a question about, feel
free to ask!  ♡

!!THERE ARE NO SLOTS!! Please send me a EMAIL at if you are interested in a commission!

  • Please make sure you have a VISUAL REFERENCE! I need to SEE what the character looks like!
  • I prefer to send invoices!
  • If there is something you are interested that I have not listed in my sheet such as a banner, cd cover, etc. I may be interested, toss
    me an email!
  • If your character has a lot of accessories, big wings, or things like that I may charge extra. These are just the base prices!
  • Paypal only!! USD!

Animated examples of my pixel art. 

Thank you! ♡☆

Asking for Help

My hours got cut at work, slashing about three to four hundred dollars a month from my paychecks. I’ve missed two car payments in a row, and I’m afraid if I miss another that I’ll lose my car. And my parents are filing for bankruptcy, and I’m trying to take on as many bills as I can so that we don’t lose our house.

Problem is, I’m out of money.

So, I’m asking for help. And I’m offering to help you, at the same time. I’m offering fic and original writing commissions, as well as editing, transcription, and researching services, all for reasonable rates. 


  • Fiction: 10 cents/word
  • Nonfiction/Ghostwriting: 20 cents/word


  • Basic proofreading (spelling and grammar, fact-checking): $3/page
  • Comprehensive: (content, plot, characterization, in-depth research checking): $7.50/page


  • $10/hour


  • $12/hour

I won’t write kink/BDSM. I will write pretty much anything else. For fic, I’ll write for any fandom I blog/reblog about. For original, just get me a topic and we’re good to go. I work primarily through email communication, but if you have another viable preference, I’ll give it a shot.

Payments are made using Dwolla, and there is a donation button on my blog. 

Send me a PM, or email me at

Think about Maine a minute. Maine lost everything because of the Meta. He is no longer Maine, he is his AI fragment. It took over and killed his consciousness. He is the most tragic freelancer because the project completely demolished him. (With North being pretty much as tragic, as he was sacrificed by his sister.) I don’t know why it hit me so hard, but everything that Maine was ended up being degraded by the Meta, who was obsessed with becoming whole. Every bit of his mind was worn away, and his body and AI are all that remain.