Conni homestuck meet

So as all of you know, con-nichiwa has 8een moved to the Tucson Convention Centre. and we all know it’s a glorified vendor hall

Anyway, the meet will 8e on Saturday, the 22nd.

For people that have 8een there 8efore, we’ll meet 8y the fountain area around 11:00 A.M..(and 8lame re8eckajane if I’m late)

edit: I actually won’t 8e there at the start due to having to 8e at the parade run through

 It’s a really short distance away from the TCC, like a ten minute walk.

Here’s what it looks like:

I don’t know how to explain how to get there, 8esides saying to take a left as you leave the convention centre, then make a slight left and go down the steps as you pass the edge of the 8uilding, continue that way and you should hit it. If anyone can 8e more concise please message me or re8log this.

And once we’re there we can organize photoshoot stuff, shipping pictures ect.

Also you should 8ring money for food 8ecause there is this great pizza place not far from there.


Don’t 8e a jackass

No drama

Remem8er 8asic con etiquette

that is all.

Questions? Concerns? send me an ask.

When someone has a trigger

1. Don’t 8ring it up when you know they hate it
2. Don’t 8e surprised when they get upset and act like you’re the victim
3. Don’t keep pestering them a8out why it’s a trigger when they keep telling you they don’t want to talk a8out it

It kind of makes you a shitty person

Arm sock tutorials

This is for Sky, or anyone that wanted info about troll sleeves

or any character that you don’t want to paint your arms for

you could may8e even 8uy premade gloves and glue on nails

Yaoi trash

犬Kあ3L 澤野 弘之 || Anyclub Lee Hyori || Crazy Kids Ke$ha || Dirrty Christina Aguilera || Blah Blah Blah Ke$ha  Ft. 3OH!3 || Feedback Janet Jackson || Church T-Pain || Bubblegum Bitch Marina and the Diamonds || Because I’m Awesome The Dollyriots || Out Tonight The Cast of RENT || Invisible U2 ||