freedthedark asked:

what about Freed x Mira? Cx

who falls asleep on the couch: Hmm, most likely Mira. Because Freed is all about order, and that goes out of order. Couches are for sitting and not for sleeping, hehe 
who wakes up first:
who cooks the most:
Definitely Mira. She has some experience since she’s a barmaid in Fairy Tail. Sometimes Freed does, though 
who’s in charge of the tv remote:
They have equal custody of it
who takes the longest getting ready:
I’d say about equal. Freed cares about his looks, and so does Mira. There’d probably be fights over the mirror that ends in cuteness so there’s that. 
who takes up most of the bed:
Mira. I don’t think Freed would mind though. 
if/what pets they have: 
Hmm, can’t see them having any pets, but if they did it’s something small and easy to take care of.