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ranslated by me and Monica Odom

[image text] Priscilla was afraid to go out in public the first time she wore a dress. 
That day turned out to be one of the best in Priscilla’s life, and she never wants to wear male clothes ever again!

[texto da imagem] Priscilla ficou insegura antes de sair de casa usando um vestido pela primeira vez. Mas aquele acabou sendo um dos melhores dias da vida de Priscilla até então, e ela não quis vestir-se com roupas masculinas nunca mais!

Where are the original thoughts? I feel like there are all these mediocre people around me spitting out generic words they’ve heard and just recycling thoughts they may not even fully agree with just cuz they sound good. They’re spewing this word vomit and claiming it as their political beliefs, life philosophies and views on the world. Whyyyyy though. It’s so irritating. I wanna be around people who are super passionate about at least one thing, you know? I wanna be around people who get angry in public, who don’t hold their tongue, who can go on and on about things they’ve been through that have touched their lives and changed them. I wanna be around people who are fiery and crazy and bizarre and not afraid to show it. I’m so quiet when it comes to my feelings and that works for me but it also annoys me. I’m sick of being this way and I wanna be around people opposite of me so I can learn from them. I’m so passionate about music and how real it can be when people are honest in creating it but I keep it to myself a lot. Idk I’m just annoyed with all the rules people, including myself, put on themselves. I don’t want anyone, including ME, to tell me I can’t do something or that I have to fit into ANY certain mold. I’m craving freedom more than anything. But I know I just have to let myself have it…..