free willy

'Once, when a caretaker's 18-month-old son falls silently into the pool with Keiko, Keiko raises him to the surface and deposits him on the walkway, saving his life before anyone knew he had fallen in.

The scene is incorporated into “Free Willy.” They expect to use a robot whale for the scene, but they give Keiko a try, and he performs flawlessly on the first take. The cast and crew grow very fond of Keiko.’
-  Howard Garrett

Image / Source

Keiko breaches in Iceland.

The yellow thing on his dorsal is a tracking device. Keiko’s care takers would track his where abouts in order to be able to keep an eye on Keiko and his physical condition. 
During Keiko’s long swim from Iceland to Norway the tracking device showed Keiko swimming in a straight line almost constantly except for when he would make very deep dives which was most likely when he was hunting for food.

When Keiko showed up in Norway he was in as great condition as he had been in Iceland. On his month long trip he had fed himself and been on his own without any human interaction at all. This was a major accomplisment for an orca who had been held captive for most of his life.