It’s been months since I’ve been to the farmer’s market and because it was so beautiful out today, I decided to stop by and grab some groceries. Am I the only one who feels so satisfied when I see my fridge full of good food? It makes me feel settled. I can’t wait to start cooking again and eating healthier. I’ve definitely eaten out way too much the last few weeks and travelling hasn’t helped.

The weather in Calgary has been weirdly warm so I actually got away with wearing shorts today. I’m definitely in this mood right now where I’m all about comfort. The top and skort I’m wearing in this outfit are so flowy and soft that I’d have no problem wearing them to sleep. You really can’t go wrong with something that feels like pajamas but doesn’t look like it. Hope you guys are having a great weekend, I’m off to cook dinner!

DIY Cheap and Easy Climbing Knot Friendship Bracelet Tutorial from Free People. You could either tie the bracelet shut or add magnetic clasps like Johnie Gall did. She chose the figure 8  knot (a climbing knot) to symbolize courage and keeping her girlfriend safe and strong. 

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