I really cannot stress enough how much taking a break from forced exercise can free your mind!

By forced exercise I’m referring to exercising solely for the point of losing weight and never actually wanting to exercise but forcing yourself to anyways.

I forced myself to exercise for years, and only because I wanted to lose weight. Not for health reasons or because I felt like it, just because of fitspiration and the promise of being skinny.

My dietitian told me years ago that I should think about taking a break from exercising since I didn’t have a healthy view of it. She said that if I took a break, I might actually want to exercise at some point.

Well, I finally took her advice and took a (somewhat long) break, and now I have started to get active on my own, just because I feel like it. It may not sound crazy to some, but I literally can’t remember experiencing this before.

If you are stuck in the cycle of forcing yourself to exercise, I highly recommend taking a break. I really think (and hope) that you will form a much healthier relationship with exercise, and will feel more comfortable with yourself overall!