The ‘John Winchester’s Journal’ $1 Lottery

I read through this fantastic book a few months back and really enjoyed it, however I almost never read it now so I thought I might as well sell it - but then I reconsidered. I am not financially, shall we say, stable so I can’t do awesome giveaways like some Tumblr users do but I want to do something special for my followers, so I thought I could do a lottery giveaway of sorts. How? Buy your ‘ticket’ for $1 through Paypal and throw your hat in the ring! Then, on December 1st, one randomly selected winner will be chosen and have this book sent to them (with free shipping). I will also include a Christmas card if the winner would like! This is meant as a ‘thank you’ to my followers and is not an attempt to earn more followers - I actually don’t want people to follow me just for this - but I would prefer if the winner is following me so that the gift’s purpose is served.

The book is in brand new condition, as you can see in the pictures, with absolutely no signs of use; the pages are not bent and the seam is not stretched. Prices vary in stores and on Amazon, but I guarantee you’ll probably never find it for $1 with free shipping :)

Important details: FIrst, I can only afford to ship to Canada and USA so please don’t participate if you are outside. I am so sorry I can’t include you but shipping is pretty exorbitant as it is and, well, I’m poor. Secondly, once you’ve purchased your ‘ticket’, message me and let me know you’ve entered so I have an account to contact you with if you win - please also include a first name. If I do not respond to you within a few hours, send your message again to verify that it got through. You can enter more than once, every $1 counts as 1 entry, so if you buy more than 1 ‘ticket’, include how many ‘tickets’ you have purchased in your message so I can put your name into the draw as many times.

The winner will be randomly chosen using this website.

If you have any questions at all, please feel more than free to ask!


Look at this doll!! She could be yours forever!! I’m asking 120.00 us with free shipping to USA! If you are outside the USA we can talk about shipping. Maybe we can split it or something. She is a mystic kids Julian with gender mod. Also her ears are Pierced. Comes with box eyes clothes and wig! Open to trades. Just ask me. My email is playmate_akio@msn.com. Tumblr’s messaging very unreliable so re blog or email me with questions. Any signal boots would be great as well! :)

Garcinia Cambogia with Life and Food

Garcinia Cambogia with Life and Food

Garcinia Cambogiais a fat blocker and suppresses the appetite.  When used correctly and as a dietary product, a person can lose more weight than normal.  By blocking the fat, you have more of a chance with exercise and eating right to lose the weight than normal.  By blocking the fat you have more of a chance with exercise and eating right to lose weight.  The appetite suppressant also keeps you…

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f(x) NUABO Group 

f(x) Electric Shock Group

SNSD Seohyun Hoot A

SNSD Yuri Mr. Taxi


Taehyun Launch Edition 2014 S/S WILL TRADE FOR MINO

All photocards are free shipping to USA/Canada. WIll sell international if you are willing to pay an extra $2 for shipping. Extra pictures / video can be provided. 

CONTACT: himchyeah@gmail.com @minoist on twitter

$50 for our NEW Survivor Hoodie . Navy/Black/White. Islamic , geometric artwork print on sleeves. -

$FREE Shipping in USA -

Give your email address and size and we’ll send you and invoice via PayPal ( credit/Debit cards can be used to pay invoice ) -

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The word, “motivation”, written by Nigel Parkinson, Jr. I wrote the word on letter 8.5” x 11”. I’m going to be selling my word on paper for $5.00 (free shipping; USA only). If your international then shipping rates will apply. Request an invoice by e-mailing me at handwritingwithelegance@gmail.com I’ll add an additional $20 if you require me to frame it for you. Is anyone interested in this? Let me know. Each order will be handwritten in calligraphy. #calligraphy #word #noun #motivation #waterbasedink#InstaSize #forsale

Zombie Wonder Woman - $95, free ground shipping in USA , 18 x 24 original watercolor / ink illustration - comes in frame. Message me for details! #stagiworks