Charlotte Eriksson: Book Launch Stageit Show!

I’m so so happy to invite you to join me for my StageIt BOOK LAUNCH SHOW, to celebrate the launch of my new book “Another Vagabond Lost To Love”! The party will happen on May 17th at 8pm CEST. It’s an online show, and EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD can tune in and stream it online, chat with me and the others and just have a great time :)
I’ll play old and new songs, tell you some personal stories about my new book and the writing process behind it, and answer any questions you might have about writing, the book, my wandering life or coffee. I will also choose one lucky person to win a signed copy of the book, and all you have to do is hang with me for the show!
Because I’m stupidly excited about finally letting you read my new book, I’ve also come up with some exclusive prizes for my “Top Supporters”. So GO GO GO get your ticket now, tell your friends and reblog! It’s a pay what you want show, and I really want to see all of you there! :) 

anonymous asked:

You're such a sweet person, you're cute, funny, caring, loving, and you're filled with good vibes. Thanks for being so awesome. Also love your theme and music taste!

(T▽T) Oh my god… anon… please.. come here. You made me smile and filled my heart with happiness. Love you.

[edit] I did some explanation here  after some criticism. (Actually i posted in the tags too. Guess people don’t read tags;;) It started off as a joke. It was meant to be a joke.

I heard the guys raging Free!joshits. I heard the girls sobbing they can’t cosplay this. Well, I hope I’ve done you all a favor. WELCOME. Ahahahahaha. *This is an EDIT. I didn’t draw from scratch. If you can’t tell.* 

the night is dead and i hear 

little tiny whispers

knuckles against the wall

leaning against the lockers, fluorescent lighting

“I, uh, lose myself sometimes”

I remember the first time i saw 

rage well up inside you

you were like a little boy

trying to get his friends to stop 

teasing you

you told me “i’m not a real person” 

but i got lost trying to find you

you buried yourself so far down

i didn’t know what to say

you are quick with your words

i, sit here and write poetry.

you methodically plan who gets what and when and why

i simply pour out everything i have

you are the skid marks,

i am the loud screech

you are the knuckles and i am the blood coming from them

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