A Fred Weasley One-shot

Okay. So I attempted a James Phelps imagine earlier today. Didn’t work out. So I shall do the next best thing! A Fred Weasley Imagine. I hope you enjoy. 

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It’s 5 am in the morning. You wake up, tired and haggard. Your hair is a mess and your breath smells like cat piss. 

Despite this, of course, you snuggle deeper in your sheets because Oh Merlin, it feels so nice. 

A distant ringing is heard and you groan. No choice now. You have to wake up. 

You go to your living room in nothing but a tank top and your underwear. You pick up the phone. 


“Open the door,” a familiar voice says. 

“You’re not outside, are you?” 

“No, of course not,” you can basically hear the smile in his voice. 

“I don’t believe you.” 

“You should be hearing a voice from the other side of the door if I were.” 

“Not near the door right now, love,” you tease him. 

“Open the door, sweetheart,” he says and you roll your eyes. Maybe he wasn’t actually there. 

You head to the door, still sleepy and unconscious of your surroundings. You even hit a few pieces of furniture along the way. You feel like you’re forgetting something. Something very important. 

You open the door to find no one else but Fred Weasley, smiling at you and carrying a bag of some goods and what seems to be two cups of tea from your favorite cafe. 

“You liar,” you mutter and he grins at you. 

“Good morning to you, too,” he says and enters your flat. As you close the door, he says, “nice outfit.” 

And it hits you. You are dressed in the most inappropriate way possible. You let out a scream and run to your room. Throwing pillows at him as you did so. You hear him laugh.

You put on a pair of jeans and brush your teeth. You even bother to brush your hair a little bit. 

Within 5 minutes time, you go back to the living room. 

“In the kitchen,” Fred calls you. You enter the kitchen, where a certain Weasley is cooking your breakfast. He looks at you for a second when you enter the room and sit down. “Pity,” he says as he puts his attention back to the kitchen counter, “I liked the outfit on you. Really brought out a lot of your features.” 

“Shut up,” you say, blushing slightly. He removes the apron and puts two plates down on either side of the table. 

Scrambled eggs, toast and a cup of tea for breakfast? Your favorite. You eat in silence for a few minutes. 

“How’s work?” Fred smiles at you.

“Awful, tiring, annoying, the usual,” you say as you take a sip of tea. 

He laughs. “That’s great to hear.” 

“How’s the joke shop?” 

“Business is great. George and I are loving every single minute of it.” 

“That’s wonderful.” 

“Let’s go on a date.” 

“What?” You and Fred Weasley were not exactly a couple. Less than lovers but definitely more than friends. It just so happened that he likes kissing you in surprising times and you just so happened to like it, too. He makes you breakfast every Wednesday and you bring him lunch every Friday. It was ritual. It was a force of habit and nothing else. 

You can’t deny the butterflies in your stomach, though, when you hear him laugh or smile at you with that smile. Merlin, that smile. No, no. It is okay. It happens. Butterflies are normal.

Of course, everything just had to freeze when he looks at you. It is completely human, no biggie. I mean, so what if your heart literally skips a beat at the mention of his name? It’s nothing. Who cares if your heart aches when you see him with someone else? It happens. 

Oh, who are you kidding? 

You love him. 

Wait, what?

Crap. You love him. Crap. Crap. Crap.

You’ve known for a while now. You simply liked delaying admitting it. There was no point if you did. This was Fred Weasley. Kind, handsome, charming Fred Weasley. 

Fred Weasley. See how he’s not yours?

He could be, a small voice says. You quickly remove it from your head.

“Hello?” Fred brings you back to reality. “You’ve been really distracted lately. You okay?” He looks worried. 

“Fine, love,” and he smiles that, oh Merlin, smile. 

“You sure?” 

“Yup,” you say as he takes a bite of bread with scrambled eggs.

“What about that date?” 

You look at him for a moment, deciding against the idea but, Merlin’s balls, how do you say no to those eyes? 

“Sure,” you smile at him, “make sure to bring me somewhere nice.” 

“Only the best,” he says. After a few minutes, you decide that it’s time to get ready for work. He whines and you tell him that, unlike him, you have a boss. He pouts but lets you go. 

After a shower, a change of clothes and a few applications of make-up, you’re ready to go. 

You enter the kitchen and Fred is washing the dishes. You somehow manage to snake your arms around his waist. This is a first. 

“Hey,” he smiles. 

“I’m going to go now,” you tell him. 

“All right,” he says and as you remove your arms from his waist, he says, “take care. I love you.” 

You stop and, as if just realizing what he had just said, he drops your plates and makes a swift 180-degree turn. 

You’re looking at him right now. 

And, oh Merlin, how you love him so.

“I-,” he begins to say, “You, uh, you don’t have to say it back. I mean, you could if you want to but if you don’t… I, uh, I’m not pressuring you.”

His expression is stunned. He can’t look at you and he’s shifting his feet. You cup his face with two of your hands and you kiss him quickly, a peck but it sends shivers down your spine. 

As you head for the door, you call back, “I’m looking forward to that date. I love you, too.” 

It was the best day of Fred Weasley’s life. 

I hope you like it! I accept requests for fics like these! :)


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arrie made that tag up because we kept missing each other and yeah and arrie got into this tiffaly craze where she described why she shipped us and i’m just ‘uhm okay i’ll just sit in this corner and wait for tiff to come back from her hellish studying and see your madness' 

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