Fred and George Through Quotes | Explosions

We’ve been hearing explosions out of their room for ages, but we never thought they were actually making things, we thought they just liked the noise.

» Ginny Weasley, talking about the twins’ experiments on HP&TGoF


It is years from now. You have a spouse and kids, and a happy life. You have your dream job and pretty much just love your life. One day you are in the car, or watching TV, or reading the newspaper like a typical middle-aged person would, when you come across something that catches your eyes, or ears. And suddenly it’s a flashback. You were a kid, you were a teenager, and this was your life. You scan the page once more just to confirm what you had dreaded when you saw the picture of your idol. The blonde woman with her kind eyes staring up at you from the page, or the TV, or her name on the radio. You weren’t expecting this. It is unheard of. JK Rowling has passed away. You think of how your childhood has been shaped around the world this woman created. You remember the late nights in your teens when you sat on the bed holding your very own copy of The Deathly Hallows to your chest, sobbing. You think about how Harry was there when your friends weren’t, and Ron was there to help you get them back. And what girl hadn’t taken some girl-advice from Hermione? It can’t be true, that the woman who you idolized, and who helped you with so much wasn’t around anymore. You truly loved her, and you have this feeling, that she once loved you too.