Kim Vestin with her band buddies Fredrik Johansson on the drums and Oscar Björk on guitar were in the studio last week and I got to sit in on bass wh them. We recorded one killer song with Andreas Dahlbäck producing and Gustav Lindelöw and Simon Sigfridsson tracking and mixing.

“Monocrome Structure I”
On show from today on Konvergenser #1 a group show organized by Nevven and featuring works from David TOUPE Von Bahr, Lars Daniel Rehn, David Eng, Karl-Joel Lrsn, Erik Berglin, Daniel EKTA Götesson, HLG, Ida Sundin Asp, Jonathan OLLIO Josefsson, Jakob Feltsen, Tommy Sveningsson, Eric Magassa, Erik Svetoft, Jenny Johansson, Fredrik Åkum, Alina Vergnano, Marie Dahlstrand and Johannes Brander. (at Nevven)