• if you are dressed as sam from moonrise kingdom i will kiss you
  • it is cold
  • im shivering
  • my power is back on
  • the new jersey sea isle is gone and im actually very sad about it that really is an important part of my childhood and its washed away very upsetting
  • i dont even know how i am gonna make myself go to school tomorrow
  • aspen i have this great just collection of archy marshall songs i assume you have them all but its basically all his releases strewn about its nice if you want it i can give it to you i thought about that while i was at work today
  • marty please stop posting porn my soul isn’t prepared for this i’ve been in the 1700s for the past 2 or 3 days i dont know what penis looks like
  • oh and halloween is cancelled i dont really care im the last person who needs candy but thats weird to postpone halloween you might as well just cancel it its not like a birthday where you can just change the party date
  • i hope everyone is okay wow what an ugly couple of days