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“Those numbers were long, we took something in the neighbour of 80 odd takes but I don’t remember the exact number. If you know we started for the bottom of the stairs and danced up. But it was either the sun arcs went out, or the camera didn’t work, or there was sound in the camera, or one thing or another, or we missed something. And then we got to the top of the stairs we cut and we had to move the camera up stairs. It went on and on and on.” - Ginger Rogers

“They were getting very tired, finally we got one. As they did Freddie’s hair piece flew up and he looked like a rather surprised Indian. So we had to do it again. It was then that I notice Ginger changing shoes, I thought they were pink at first but they were slippers fulled with blood.” - Allan Scott, Writer

About the final dance number in “Swing Time”.


“The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it’s not reality, but who cares? There’s too much reality these days.” -Shirley Jones