She never thought she could feel this heavy again, she’d gotten used to that feeling of happiness and safeness, she’d gotten used to him. Because she was damaged before him and then he saved her. She was dead weight five years ago when she first met him and he lift her up. But tonight he is not around and his absence hurts and it burns. It burns even more than the ice water that gradually fills her lungs… one, two, three, four seconds and someone is pulling her out of the ice water again. Alive. She needs to stay alive. Her head is shoved into the ice water again and… one, two, three and four… She chokes violently struggling to breath. Every cell in her body aches and she knows she needs to find a way out now, or she is never going to see him again. But she can’t fight anymore she is tired and the pain is just too much. Her vision is blurry and her eyes are heavy. She never thought physical pain could weight this much. But for the past 24 hours all she has felt is pain. The only reason why she is still fighting is him. Alive. She needs to stay alive for him. Her already weak body loses strength with every attempt to struggle and she wonders if she’s been losing consciousness because the pain comes and goes and she is suddenly tied up and in a totally different place. Someone is pointing at her with a gun and she uses all the strength that she has left to make sure he knows before he shoots her "My people will hunt you down and they will kill you" her head is pounding and her left eye is burning. Her body gives up and this is it. There is so much noise, voices, people yelling, footsteps, lights and everything is going black for her. She waits for him to pull the trigger. A bullet, she always knew. Always. Her body gives up, she closes her eyes and can almost see him. Like a little boy… worried, lost, scared and wondering where she is. Alive. She was supposed to stay alive for him. But her body won’t respond, she feels heavy. She is dead weight collapsed on the ground when he lifts her up "Kate". It’s him, he is here. The weight of all the pain is lifted off of her and she looks up, eyes widened at the sound of his voice. His arms are wrapped around her and she feels safe again. His presence alone helps calm her. "It’s okay, it’s over, I’m right here" He kisses the top of her head and tears begin to fall. He kisses them away too. She tries to speak but it still hurts and he trails a finger over her lips "shh, it’s okay" he repeats "I’m right here" Sniffles escape her and he squeezes her a little tighter. His hands are warm, comforting and a physical reminder that he is here. He carefully kisses her eyes, her cheeks, her nose and every part of her that he can. And when he reaches her lips, he kisses her one time, two, three, four and it feels like he is kissing the past 24 four hours away. He releases her and slightly rest his forehead against hers and they both smile weakly. Because she is alive and he is here. [x]

i am 100000% done with the no homo!jean trope how about absolutely 100% bi!jean who checks out all the guys and girls and his only problem is that they are so hot and hits on mikasa and armin and gets beat up by eren for trying to get with his crew and goes to gay clubs with reiner and bertholdt and connie (for support?)

and every night reiner and bert are grindin it up on the dancefloor and connie’s like ‘hey jean. hey jeannnn what about that guy? or this one?? hey jean i think you’ll like this guy' and eventually jean's like 'stfu connie just cause i like dudes doesn't mean i like all dudes

so connie shuts up but then one night they’re sittin drinking and connie’s like ‘jean. jean. this guy. he’s the one’ ‘shut up connie wtf did i tell- oh. ohhhh' bc there's tall dark handsome and also freckled??!?!? and jean just yells 'hey- hey you!!! …your freckles are really cute’ and connie is so embarrassed for him this is exactly like the time he called mikasa’s hair pretty except marco is fuckin loser too and he’s blushing and just replies ‘i think your lack of freckles is cute’

connie has never been prouder

All we’ve ever wanted was a place where we could feel safe and be just the way we are, but no one is gonna hand it to us. We’re gonna have to rise up and take it. Don’t we deserve to be happy? When bad things keep happening to good people, you start to question what is right and what is wrong. Well I say it’s time we make our own right and wrong. I say it’s wrong for them to treat us like shit and kick us around like the scum of the earth.
They wanna call us monsters? Fine, we’ll act like monsters.
—  Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters)
American Horror S4 E1

okay so the other day I was going through old pictures of my brother and I saw what looked like my brother’s birth certificate but on his birthday it said ‘92 not ‘89 (which is his actual birth year) and I told my brother and we freaked out because we realized he was actually three years younger than he always thought but it turns out it was just a birthday party invitation