A lot if people are extremely self conscious about their height if they are a tall girl. It is a common insecurity except people feel the need to point it out to you constantly - especially strangers who you are speaking to for the first time.

Now imagine you are a girl self conscious about being tall and you are speaking to a hot guy and he says “whoa you’re tall”. It’s like wow fucking amazing I’ve never noticed that before in my whole freaking existence. It also feels like you’re instantly being discounted as anyone they could ever have interest in because they are too afraid to be emasculated by us.

Would you point out other insecurities to people like “hey man you have a fuck ugly face” or “hey jess have you ever realised that you’re fat and have tiny boobs?”. No you wouldn’t, stop doing it to us.

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Having a disagreement...
  • Boy:You're just mad cuz you're on your period.
  • Me:Excuse me, when is the last time YOU bled profusely from one of your organs and were forced to go about your life as if nothing were wrong while your muscles are cramping and you are under constant anxiety that you will accidentally get blood all over yourself and everything you sit on?
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy:
  • Me:
  • Boy:Wow.
  • Me:Thank you.

I went to the floating market in Bangkok during my last layover and was really curious about why the pineapples had stalks. So I googled how do pineapples grow.

Mind. Blown.

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I'm glad someone is looking forward to GDYB. Most fans on tlist and tumblr are only mad cause it's not GD&TOP (let's be honest they just want TOP) or seem to have already formed their opnions on the song and MV. We get some new music from BB and all I feel is deflated because of this response:(

awww don’t let it bring you down anon :(

here are some things to look forward to : 

- “good boy” - dude the lyrics for this one are gonna be so good you can just TELL. (are they gonna play with BB’s Bad Boy song/lyrics ? are they gonna make some cheesy ‘i’m a good boy’ pick up lines? YES PLEASE)

- crazy cool props (i mean what even is this



(true greatness that’s what) 

- dorky bff IG updates 


- $waggy GDYB on-stage interactions when they promo on music shows

- remember how they hired some super talented underground hiphop dance crew from LA?? these two are some of the dancers that are gonna be it and look at how HELLA their moves are

expecting some very fun bada$$ choreography and its fantastically noodle-like execution by YB, not to mention GD’s own probably very strange and fascinating flexible-grandpa version

- the very very slight, remote chance that one or both of them are going to wear a ‘good boy’ version of this around their necks 



for real anon don’t worry about it , there are a LOT of people i’m seeing - from the tags they reblog from me or the people on my dash or some VIP friends - who are all super excited as well :)))) i think maybe some disappointed GD&TOP fans are louder than the other excited part of the fandom, but that doesnt mean there isnt a lot of people out there counting down the hours with their party hats strapped on :)