thewingedoctopus and I saw a lot of potential hints in this poster, so we compiled a post about them!

General character observations:

Angela has three breasts, while if you look closely, Evan has ectrodactyly, or “lobster hands.”

There’s also a shadow coming from outside of the tent. The last time there was a shadow in an American Horror Story poster it was Thredson, so that shadow is most likely the killer of the season.

There are also two men having a picnic in the background, and there’s definitely something strange about them, though we can’t place it.

Placement of characters and alignments:

The general placement of characters could potentially show which alignments they’ll have.

At first glance, it looks like Michael and Evan are just holding up the plank. But when you look closer, you’ll see that the opening of the tent forms a fulcrum and the plank becomes a balanced seesaw. On the left side of the seesaw are Denis, Kathy, and Michael. On the ride side are Angela, Franny, and Evan. These people are likely to be allies in the show. (This also makes sense because Kathy wouldn’t like Angela because Kathy is Michael’s ex-wife and Angela married Michael.)

However, Sarah is above all of this, with Bette and Dot pointing to opposite sides of the seesaw. This may be a sign that Bette and Dot are going to be fighting for opposite sides.

Sarah’s position is also reminiscent of the sword of Damocles. Like the sword hanging from a fringed rope above Damocles’ head, Sarah is hanging on a fringed rope. (Given that Sarah is also high up, she may die of a falling accident.)

The characters are placed on levels of one, four, and three, but we’re not sure what that means.

Character predictions:

Jess’ arms are hidden, which could mean that something will happen to her arms. Her boa is also wrapped around Michael, which could mean that she either kills him (strangling?) or he’s engaged in an affair with her.

Hands being hidden may also be a sign of ulterior motives. Jess, Denis, and Franny are all hiding their hands in different ways. Jess and Denis are holding their hands behind their back while Franny’s are gloved and she’s holding them nervously.

Gloves may be indicative of more guilt, given that gloves are associated with hiding fingerprints, and (along with her nervous gesture) that may point to Franny being the clown killer. This doesn’t interfere with the shadow outside, either, because we aren’t meant to know Franny is the killer.

Hints in color scheme:

We’re not sure what exactly these colors mean, but there are similarities that are too strange to be overlooked.

  • Michael and Angela switched belts
  • Sarah, Evan, and Franny have the same color scheme
  • Angela and Jess have the same color scheme
  • Michael, Kathy, and Denis have the same color scheme
  • Kathy and Sarah are both wearing headbands, while Fran and Jess both have bows/flowers though that doesn’t HAVE to mean anything
  • Angela has different colored beads, which may indicate her being in two different factions? We’re not sure if this one is just a costume decision or a hint
  • The patterns behind the two girls balancing (forming the pillars) overlap their legs

Thoughts? Theories?

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Imagine Carlos losing his phone in the sand and putting all his important science on hold to search for it, because if he loses contact with Cecil he doesn't know what he'll do... he finds it after several hours of digging and he doesn't think he's ever felt so relieved in his life.


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