After Hitler rose to power, the Nazis began to consider the image problems that could arise from them being perceived as human-shaped garbage bags filled with spoiled autopsy trimmings. So to give the Reich a family-friendly vibe, propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels began the search for a “perfect Aryan” baby to use in a national campaign that would show everyone what the Nazis were all about. After spending days huddled over his new collection of submitted baby pictures, Goebbels finally found a photo of an anonymous, cherub-faced little girl with brown hair and dark eyes. Granted, she wasn’t the “Aryan ideal” of blond hair and blue eyes, but Goebbels sort of had this thing about dark-eyed brunettes.

What Went Wrong (Or Awesomely Right?): The nameless baby had her face slapped on magazine covers, postcards, and propaganda material all throughout Germany. This caused a bit of an alarm for Jewish Berliners Jacob and Pauline Levinsons, who noted that the literal poster child for the Master Race was their 6-month-old daughter, Hessy.

6 Propaganda Campaigns That Backfired Hilariously

The Author makes his own books and even goes through the trouble of binding them.

Mabel has a billion scrapbooks and never misses an opportunity to add to them.

The Author is not only a researcher, he’s a bonafide artist who has great technical drawings and craftsmanship skills.

Mabel considers herself a visionary, art-inclined, crafty, and constantly flowing with creative ideas. She got mad potential art skills.

I mean I know the twins aren’t “one or the other” because they are their own characters yeah I’ve always got that but WHATEVER THE AUTHOR IS THE “MABEL” TWIN OF STANFORD AND STANLEY YOU CAN’T CONVINCE ME THAT THEY AREN’T MEANT TO PARALLEL EACH OTHER LIKE STAN AND DIPPER DO BECAUSE






Five months later, and I still watch this video like once a week because the animation just absolutely blows my fucking mind


Fun Fact: so, I  was actually drawing Qi Fang, but then suddenly I came across neimana and paakaa ‘s wonderful touken art ( /^ //q// ^// ) nosebleeds a little, after which i was really feeling it and I’ve put aside Tamed de Gushi for a sec just to do this … I haven’t drawn smut in so long i was giggling like a 5 year old the whole damn time I was drawing 

Idk… Baby Bog found by Griselda. Cuz I think he’s adopted.

Strange Magic headcanon things… Griselda is Bog’s mother. But he looks nothing like her. I know she made the “23 months in my womb” comment… but if you think about in the olden days. Mothers never told their children they were adopted. They didn’t want them to have less of a connection. The creators have stated that Bog was originally supposed to be an orphan that no one knew what he was. So… why not mix the two. Griselda is still Bog’s mother. But she found him. And no one knows what he is. Perhaps Griselda and Bog’s father were two species that could not have children together. Making the Bog Prince seem like a gift to them. In my head Bog’s father is a Hobgoblin or something named the Mire King. So his and Bog’s names are similar. So yeah… here’s just a lil thing of some doodles of Griselda finding a baby Bog. Enjoy