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When Percy first told Athena that Annabeth was pregnant, she turned him into a guinea pig, and kept him that way for a week.

Ok. So I feel like Ricks CALEO ending was like perfect.

Calypso and Leo named their child Sammy.

When leo finally came back with calypso, she was pregnant. Aphrodite adored their love story so much that she asked the gods secretly to grant the 7, Nico and Reyna immortality. When the 9 agreed Aphrodite confessed it was all because of calypso and leo.

When Frank finally proposed to Hazel, the first thing they did was call Nico and Will to make sure they would be the flower boys.

Piper sneaks into cabin 1 every night to be with Jason. They fall asleep under the stars and wake up early for piper to go back to her cabin.

When Nico took Will to the underworld, Nico tried shadow traveling. Will slapped him and yelled
“No underworld magic! Doctors orders!”
So Nico called Jules-Albert and had him drive him to California. He heard Will mumble in the car,
“That was still underworld magic.”

Let’s imagine this.

Nico finally decides to ask Will out for a concert. Just before he loses the courage he gained after talking with Piper. He tooks a deep breath and he starts his way to the infirmary.

But then, Jason and Leo appear out nowhere and in unison they start singing ”Best day of my life” by American Authors. And the rest of the Camp followed them until Nico realizes what is happening.

In his life, he had never got so flustered.

I laugh way too hard while I was hearing the song and imagining this.

How Rick Riordan deals with Romance. I already wrote a little bit about relationships in PJO/HoO.

I feel like the romantic relationships in HoO were rushed. Very, very rushed. How long have Percy and Annebeth known each other? A little bit over five years, and they had a lot of time to grow. Power couple of PJO. Jason and Piper - fake memories and a few months yet it has been in the same level as Percabeth. I can totally understand Percy and Annabeth’s excahange of I love you, but not Jason and Piper’s. I know it may have seem longer in the books, but it had only been a few weeks. 

And then we see Reyna. I really ship Jeyna more than Jasper, I’ll explain in a second. How long have Jason and Reyna known each other? Longer than Percabeth I believe. But Rick says Jason doesn’t owe anything to Reyna, he doesn’t yes. But Jason did lead Reyna on, Rick led US on. What was that about in The Lost Hero, Reyna was definitely important when she wasn’t important to him in the upcoming books at all? But the most beautiful thing, is when Reyna decides that Jason is alright and she lets him be happy with Piper. She lets him go, may it be that she stopped worrying about him or she loved him so much to let him go. (I lean on the latter). That’s why Reyna is so beautiful and perfect. She let’s him go, and she is by far the only main character that hasn’t been implied any romantic relationships. 

Nico di Angelo. You know what I thought? I thought he was depressed, sad. Reads his POV in BoO, oh turns out he’s still that twelve year old from the Titan’s curse. There were times when he mused about Percy Jackson. I wished there was just more depth. Like loving Percy so much, that he would want to see him happy more than anything else. Like Reyna, that’s what i hoped. Because Nico and Reyna’s relationship is so wonderful, I thought they would be both single and proud and watch their loved ones with care. But no. Nico actually doesn’t care for Percy THAT much as he was shown in the House of Hades. He talks about Percy right and then OH LOOK HOT GUY FROM APOLLOS CABIN IM JUST GONA FORGET ALL ABOUT PERCY JACKSON CUZ HES A BIT HOTTER LMAO. So, he’s been crushing on Percy Jackson a bit over three years, Cupid himself sought to fight him, and in the few minutes of meeting Will Solace, oh bye Percy. Then his confession was Percy was taken so lightly. That is probably the worst things Rick has done. People do not get over the one they love in a second, that was so unrealistic and stupid. Maybe, if the transition to stop liking Percy was a bit slower and taken more seriously, maybe I would ship solangelo. It’s cute, but bad. Or people will say ‘But it’s not canon!!’ it’s implied romance with Will Solace. Hell, do you guys even know if Will is gay or not? I honestly wish Nico had a talk with Reyna with these things, and Nico would have gotten over Percy or something. N

Caleo. Oh dear god, I hate this ship even more than solangelo. I’ve written enough about that. Here  and here.

Next up is Hazel. WHY WAS SAMMY/LEO EVEN NECESSARY? WHY OH WHY OH WHY. IT EFFECTED THE PLOT? NO IT JUST CREATED TENSION BETWEEN FRANK AND LEO AND HAZEL. YES HAZEL AND SAMMY/LEO IS CUTE BUT WHAT WAS THE POINT. OH AND GUESS WHAT? HAZEL IS THIRTEEN AND SHE’S IN LOVE WITH FRANK AND SAMMY AND LEO OMG. Frank is fourteen? So, Hzazel and Frank are the same age. Do you fall in love in that age? Probably not. And it took them a book to start going out. Why do Frank and Hazel need a relationship. YES, IT’S VERY CUTE BUT NOT VERY THOUGHT THROUGH. Why rush their relationship? WHY? THEY ARE YOUNG.

Why is love such a thing that’s it’s thrown around so cheaply? Everything in HoO seems to rotate on love and the relationships rather than Gaea. When I was reading, it seemed more interested in Leo looking at girls AND Leo was just revolving around Calypso in BoO, that was Leo Valdez. The Guy who only DIED AND MADE HIS FRIENDS WORRY FOR A GIRL HE HAD ME FOR A FEW DAYS WOW. Leo revolved around love interests, Khione, Thalia, Hazel, etc. He doesn’t even seem to care about his friends or Gaea. I was more interested in the Frank-Hazel-Leo/Sammy relationship than Gaea or Jason picking Reyna or Piper than Gaea. 

Apparently EVERYONE needs love because that means happiness. Shameless self-promotion  I had in fact, written about Nico di Angelo being happy without a love interest! *INSERT GASP FROM CROWDS* Here, on AO3

You don’t need to be in love to be happy, look at Reyna, Rachel, Thalia. She has so far, been the BEST CHARACTER IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. Nico and Leo’s character fell in the last book, I adored Nico (still do) but I hate how Rick decided to end him. I loved, loved Leo in the Lost Hero, but i honestly hate him now. I used to hate Jason and Piper, but I think Leo just hit the bottom of my favorite characters. 

Message is, wish there was better relationships developed. 



I have to tell a little story first. I was sitting by my crush who I just let borrow House of Hades when I finished Blood of Olympus and I was freaking out but I couldn’t tell him anything and I was not okay. So I’m going to freak out now and say what I thought of it.

Positives (:

So can I just say I loved Nico and Reyna. Their bond and friendship made me so happy. I honestly didn’t remember how great Reyna is until she got her own POV. She’s now one of my favorite characters. I loved how she genuinely cared about Nico and even made him smile. I also loved how damn strong she is. She single handedly killed Orion. The Hunters and Amazons couldn’t even do that working together.

And Nico, my baby!!!! I loved his POVs because you got to see his character development and see what he’s really feeling. Gods I’m so fucking happy for Nico. He has really good friends in the end like Jason and Reyna who genuinely care about him. He doesn’t have to feel unloved or out of place anymore. And Will fucking Solace is a gift from Apollo himself. I loved that he genuinely wanted to be friends with Nico. He didn’t care that he was Death Boy. He saw something good in Nico which sadly Nico didn’t know was possible. He convinced Nico to “step out of the shadows.” And not to mention he isn’t afraid to tell Nico how it his. He’s stubborn as hell and its so great. And Nico fucking went up to Percy like the bad ass motherfucker he is and was like I liked you. I don’t now. We’re cool. Then went back to Will!!! I’m so fucking glad that my baby is finally happy.

Percy’s reaction to Nico’s confession was great. And Annabeth being supportive made me happy too.

I actually found myself liking Piper more in BoO. I just felt like she became stronger and more useful.


Found it amusing that Jason “Superman” Grace needs glasses.

Octavians death was great. I cried and laughed at the same time. Nico and Will trying to decide what to do killed me. They both wanted to do the right thing but Octavian was such a power hungry stupid dick that Nico knew nothing they did would work and Will had to let it happen.

Leo calling Calypso “Sunshine” is pretty cute.

The Demi-gods fighting alongside their parents was pretty fucking cool I thought. I loved Piper and Aphrodite because Piper was actually fighting and Aphrodite was throwing rose petals at the giant and telling Piper to stab it again.

Jason pissing off Zeus also made me happy cause Zeus is a dick.

The Doctor Who reference! It is canon that at least Leo watches Doctor Who!

Negatives :(

The one thing I was really hoping for in BoO was a Jason/Thalia reunion. I think Uncle Rick missed a big opportunity here. I mean they haven’t seen each other for years. Does Thalia even know Jason’s alive or that he’s friends with Percy or anything like that? I know she’s a hunter and she’s busy and all that but this would have been really great.

The ending sucked. I liked Caleo at first but I started looking at it more and Calypso is really awful to Leo.

I actually wanted Rachel in it more. I don’t have a valid reason other than just, I like Rachel and she could have done something other than be screwed cause Apollo was out of commission.

The fact that percabeth didn’t get a POV upset me so much. I mean I get not making the entire book about them cause that would be just as bad. But I wanted just one from one of then just to see how they are recovering from Tartarus. Like its the last book of the Greek/Roman Demi-gods and we started with percabeth. They’re why we fell in love with these books. They should have been able to have at least one chapter.

Frazel also didn’t get a POV which also made me sad. I think it’s good to see the story from a bit of everyone’s perspective. I honestly think Frank in particular was pretty neglected in this book. It just didn’t seem like we saw a lot of him.

And a nose bleed to wake Gaea? Really? I know Uncle Rick could’ve done better than that. I just thought it was kinda sad.

Also why was it so easy to defeat Gaea? It took a hell of a lot longer to kill Kronos and he wasn’t nearly as powerful.

I loved the book though so even though I didn’t like some of it it was still fantastic. I’m so sad it’s over though.

childoflivingdeath said:

I didn't understand If Leo's dead or alive at the end. I mean he appears but.. Is he really alive?! Don't you think that there should be at least a last book explaining a few things like "Does Percabeth, Jasiper and Frazel get married?" "Is Solangelo really a canon?" "Is Leo alive?" Things like that? What's your oppinion about that?

Well, the good thing about the ending is that you can decide.  It seems like Leo’s alive, but honestly- you can determine that for yourself.

And no, I don’t want those questions answered.  Epilogues suck.