the first times oliver queen officially (and unofficially) met felicity smoak.

Frat DnD Hilights 2
  • Cleric:I toss the light-stone into the crypt! *Rolls 20*
  • Me:You have spent entirely too much time skipping rocks, as such you rebound the rock against three pillars and two skeletons before it comes to a clean stop in the center of the room.
  • Cleric:...So I can see them all?
  • Me:Yes.
  • ---------
  • Me:You're not a bard, but screw it roll Performance.
  • Fighter:OKAY. *Mediocre roll*
  • Me:Well you don't exactly remember the words but you can hum furiously while fighting.
  • Fighter:AWESOME.
  • -----------
  • All The Dwarves:So...can we use the Elf as a weapon?
  • Me:...Hey Elf what's your Armor Class?
  • ---------
  • Cleric:I want to bless the bomb.
  • Me:The bomb that was made illegally by an alchemist who clearly was no bomb expert and hastily threw something together in twelve hours?
  • Cleric:Which is why I want to bless the damn thing.
  • ----------
  • Me:You stare into the Skeleton Warrior's empty eye sockets and see only the cold black abyssial Void staring back at you.
  • Me:Alright intimidating a skeleton that's-
  • Fighter:NO! I wanna intimidate the Void.
  • Me:...The cold black unfeeling existential darkness?
  • Fighter:Yeah that.
  • Me:Fuck it why not.
  • Fighter:*nat 20*
  • Me:.........You stare into the Abyss and it absolutely stares back. Given your ever-shifting mental state you don't take in the abstract and horrifying nature of oblivion but rather stand defiantly, blatantly giving shape to the shapeless and a name to something that should not be named. At the End of All Things something turns, being actively defied by a mortal, and it hesitates. It cannot stand even an unwitting rival and it will react accordingly - because a primal force made afraid is a terrible sight to behold.
  • Fighter:So I intimidate it?
  • Me:Yup.
  • Fighter:Awesome.
  • Cleric:Oh my god we are going to die.
  • --------------
  • Me:The ghouls retreat into their tunnel.
  • Cleric:Well if ever there was a time for that bomb, let's seal them in!
  • Me:Alright let's see how this thing goes. *Nat 20*
  • Me:*sets up Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture Finale*
  • Me:The alchemist, having known nothing about proper explosives, pretty much tossed in every volatile horrible thing he could into the 'bomb.' And as your God looks favorably on grandstanding gestures of epic stupidity, he extends his mighty claw down to bless this bomb. You hear a distant roar and a blinding light before the cleansing fire erupts through the Ghoul Tunnels. Above ground, a number of graves explode outward while dozens of ghoul corpses charred beyond recognition fall and litter the graveyard while ash quietly falls in the aftermath.
  • Cleric:Holy shit we have another one of those.
  • -------------
  • Fighter:Rob him!
  • Cleric:No! He'll kill the HELL out of us.
  • Fighter:Hey if you're going to do something stupid at least see it through like I do!
  • ------------
  • Cleric, Elf, and Dwarf:...So to appease the Void we're gonna sacrifice the Fighter.
  • Me:...Yeah alright make the rolls.
  • Fighter:*is murdered in his sleep*
  • Cleric, Elf, and Dwarf:Wow that was....well, we're all in tender emotional states. See you next time. *they exit*
  • Me:...Hey, Fighter.
  • Fighter:Sup.
  • Me:...Want to be the Avatar of the Void and fuck shit up on a global scale?
  • Fighter:Would it be me doing more stupid shit with no reason with godlike powers?
  • Me:Pretty much.
  • Fighter:I love you Skippy.
You're An Asshole (But I Love You)

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AU meme for this fic

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College AU where Harry studies law and psychology. Louis is a philophobic frat boy who’s majoring in acting, plays footie and needs tutoring in psychology. Of course they hate each other but that doesn’t stop them from having a ridiculous amount of sexual tension.


Louis is a frat boy with a drinking problem who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and Harry is a psychology student who always takes care of him and might just be exactly what Louis doesn’t want, but really needs.


Huge thanks to cocutsa for betaing !

YAA tag (things that fit the story and inspire me)

Chapter 1 

Chapter 2 (will be up on March 8th 5pm UK time)

Fratboy Luke

Request: yes

Rating: Smutty

Words: 1,432

What the hell did I just write jesus this is just, wow I should be sorry but I’m not oops.

Requests are open

Your friend had dragged you out to yet another frat house college party. Unwillingly on your part, she dressed you in a short black dress paired with a leather jacket and killer black heels. Your hair was in loose curls and your makeup was used to bring your eyes, so you only had on eyeliner, mascara, and, because (y/f/n) forced you to, bright red lipstick. You followed your friend through the frat house, as she was heading towards the kitchen where all the drinks were held. When your friend got there she separated from you, going god knows where while you grabbed a beer. If you were going to have to deal with yet another frat party by yourself, you were certainly not doing it sober. It had been half an hour so far and you had 1 full beer, three shots and you were currently out in the living room dancing with another cup of beer in your hands. You didn’t care who you danced with, because at this point you were a  little bit more than buzzed. Not fully drunk, but enough where everything seemed fun. You finished your beer and you were headed to get another when (y/f/n) suddenly appeared next to you and was dragging you down into the basement. You knew exactly who was down here. And knowing that helped sober you up a bit, but not much. You were dragged down the stairs and you saw sitting on two couches, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, and the biggest frat boy of them all, Luke Hemmings. He looked up from his conversation with his friends and stared at you, smirking. Your friend dragged you to one of the couches that held the boys since there was enough room for more people on them. Unfortunately, you were sat next to Luke since that was the couch your friend dragged you to.

You would be lying if you said that you liked Luke. The truth is, Luke was a cocky bastard. Him and the rest of the frat house would throw these parties and Luke would spend them getting high or drunk and hooking up with girls. While you admit you’ve had a couple one night stands, the way Luke went through girls disgusted you. And now here you were, sitting next to him.

"Welcome everyone. Tonight, we’re playing strip poker." And so the game began. So far, Calum had taken off his flannel to reveal his biceps, Ashton took off his jeans, (y/f/n) took off her jacket, Luke lost his snapback and you were forced to take off your jacket. The only one that had all their clothes on was Michael. It had been an hour of playing rounds, and within that hour everyone had been drinking more. You yourself had another beer. Michael was setting up for another game currently setting up for another game when you realized that you had been moved closer to Luke. When you first sat down there was a foot of space between you tow and now there was an inch or two. You were about to move over a little bit when you felt a hand on your knee. You wanted to move it, but the alcohol in you system was saying otherwise. Luke’s hand would move up a bit on your leg and then back down, distracting you from the game to the point where you lost and had to get rid of a piece of clothing. Deciding to play along with Luke’s teasing you pulled off your bra from the top of your dress and tossed it into Luke’s lap, smirking. After that, you knew you were hooking up with Luke tonight, and you weren’t sure if it was because of the alcohol, or if it was the fact that it was Luke Hemmings, but you really didn’t care. A couple more games passed before everybody got bored. You grabbed your jacket and bra, heading towards the bathroom to put it back on when Luke grabbed your arms and dragged you through the crowded hallways until he got to his room, making sure to lock it.

"Did you think you could get away with that little stunt princess?" Luke said, pushing you against the wall and starting to leave marks on your neck. You were too stunned to reply, and so you tilted your head, allowing Luke to have more access. He continued leaving hickeys all across your neck until he reached your sweet spot. There he sucked harder than he had before, causing you to moan out his name. He found his way to your lips were his tongue swiped across your bottom lip, asking for access. You granted it to him as you pushed yourself off the wall and he walked backwards to his bed. On the way you got rid of his shirt, tossing it somewhere in the room. His knees hit the edge of his bed and he sat down, pulling you with him. You straddled his lap, your dress riding up. His hands roamed your legs as you continued to make out.

He zipped down your dress, and pulled it off, leaving you in only your panties. He flipped the two of you over so he was on top. He kissed his way down to your breasts, his cold lip ring contrasting against your hot skin. He took one hardened nipple into his mouth and began sucking while his hand played, twisted, and pulled the other, eliciting a moan from you. He switched to the other nipple, and abused just as much as the first. After he played with your nipples, he kissed his way down to the hem of you panties, leaving a mark on your hips. You were wearing a pair of black lace panties, and Luke smirked at you.

"Did princess know she was getting fucked tonight?" He asked as he pulled down your panties. You shivered when you felt the cool air hit your throbbing clit. He slowly kissed back up your legs, teasing you. He finally reached where you wanted him most, but that didn’t mean the teasing was over. He looked back up at you.

"Tell me princess, what do you want me to do? Do you want my tongue?" He asked, licking a strip, making you want more.

"Or perhaps my fingers?" he said, plunging one in before taking it out. You whined, wanting the friction.

"Both god Luke both please just do something." you begged. He smirked and plunged two fingers in while he sucked on your clit. You moaned, your hands gripping on his hair, causing him to moan. The vibration from his moan made your core ignite, and you knew soon that you would be hitting the climax. When you started clenching around Luke’s fingers, he switched, his tongue diving inside your core while his fingers toyed with your clit. A few seconds later, you felt a wave of euphoria across your body and Luke lapped up your juices. Once you were clean, he kissed up your body, and kicked off his boxers. From his nightstand he pulled out a condom and quickly slipped it on. He lined up at your entrance and plunged in, leaving no time for adjustment. But that didn’t matter. It was all pleasurable. He slammed into you while leaving more and more marks on your neck and shoulders. You were a moaning mess underneath him, wanting even more. He hitched your legs around his waist, allowing for him to get even deeper and add even more pleasure. You felt the pit in your stomach increasing, and you knew Luke was close as well because his thrusts were getting sloppier.

"Don’t cum until I tell you to. Got that princess?" he said, in an assertive tone. His thumb pressed on your clit, making your edge come closer and closer.

"Luke I-I can’t. Please." You begged, needing to let go.

"Now princess." And with one more thrust, you and Luke were letting go together, him letting out profanities along with your name while you scratched at his back and screamed out his name. He collapsed on top of you, his breath ragged as was yours. After a few minutes, he rolled off of you and you took that as you cue to leave. You had pulled on your clothes, when he stopped.

"We should do this again. You ever feel like having a good fuck, you know where to find me." He said smirking. You knew you would be seeing more of Luke’s room.

Come Back to Bed

Michael Clifford AU Imagine

Wow, two days in a row. I’m on a roll? I actually really liked making part two to Greek row and had a coherent idea for it before writing, so yeah.

(Pt. 2 to Greek Row)

Warnings: Smut (hell yes I’m back)


“You have got to be shitting me.” He rubbed his face with his hands before shoving his face into the pillow on his lap. He groaned loudly and spoke into it, but it muffled his speech enough to where you couldn’t understand a single word.

“Michael, I know this is all a bit of a shock, but making out with the pillow isn’t going to erase the fact that we fucked a few hours ago.” You bluntly stated, and his head shot up, glaring at you.

“I’m well aware.” He grumbled at you. With a sigh, you turned and looked at the photograph again.

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Frat!Luke Part Seventeen (Smut Imagine)

I’m sorry if it sucks, my bad mood kind of made me do it:/ Love ya! xx-Z.

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