Rainy day at Hauptbahnhof yesterday. Even though I could take a shorter way home I always do a stop at Central station. The amount of people coming and going, the possibility of jumping on a train and ending, let’s say, in Stockholm or Prague or Paris, the option to have an adventure at any given time… It gives you some sort of momentary peace of mind, you know? #Frankfurt #VSCOcam #germany

22.11.2014, Frankfurt / Germany

German police used pepper spray and clashed with anti-EU protesters, who stormed and vandalized the new European Central Bank building, which is under construction now in central Frankfurt.


I know that there are many terrible things happening all over the world right now, concerning thousand, if not millions of people. But I think the fates of individuals should be forgotten.

This is Tuğçe Albayrak. She died because she wanted to help others. She should not be forgotten.

Tugce A., a 22-year-old student in the town near Frankfurt, reportedly tried to step into an argument in a McDonald’s restaurant on November 15th.

After she had helped separate the two women and three men involved and left the restaurant, one of the men followed her and attacked her, hitting her on the temple,Bild reported.

Policereported at the time that Tugce was “an extremely critical condition” following the blow.

The 18-year-old alleged assailant is now in custody and is not responding to questions about the assault.

Doctors have reportedly decided with Tugce’s parents that her life support should be withdrawn on Friday, her 23rd birthday.

 from thelocal.de

I’t not the first time that people who had the courage to stand up for another paid the highest price, It’s breaking my heart that such a young, brave woman had to die.