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Original Universal Monsters Theatrical Posters (Ten Images)

Spearheaded by producer Carl Laemmle, Jr. and visionary makeup artist Jack Pierce, Universal Studios’ series of monster movies were responsible for giving the world of cinema its first true horror icons, laying the groundwork for all other iconic boogeymen to follow.

Beginning in 1925 with the Lon Cheney fronted silent horror classic The Phantom of the Opera, Universal Studios churned out a series of monster movies that were heavy in tension, suspense and atmosphere, setting the ominous mood and tone for each film by way of thick fog, classical music scores and towering gothic castles. Adapting the works of such prominent literary figures as Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and H. G. Wells, Universal effectively established itself as Hollywood’s ‘House of Horrors’ and continued its landmark series through the 1960s, the last of its original iconic monsters arriving in 1954 with Creature From the Black Lagoon.

Penny Dreadfuls: Sensational Tales of Terror (Fall River Classics), compiled by Stefan Dziemianowicz, Sterling Publishing, 2015.Info:

'Murder! Body-snatching! Premature burial! Cannibalism! Writers of the Victorian era sure knew how to spice up their fiction and tell ripping yarns! Penny Dreadfuls is an anthology of sensational terror tales all first published in the nineteenth century. The original penny dreadfuls were cheaply printed, inexpensive publications written to entertain the masses with shocking thrills and lurid horrors. Over time, “penny dreadful” became a catch-hrase for any story steeped in gothic horror that pushed the limits of what was acceptable in popular fiction. The twenty stories collected for this volume include two full-length novels—The String of Pearls, the novel that immortalized Sweeney Todd, the demon-barber of Fleet-street; and the original 1818 edition of Mary Shelley's classic tale of a man-made monster, Frankenstein—as well as tales by Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bram Stoker, Louisa May Alcott, and Arthur Conan Doyle.'   


With everyone debating what the “last meme of 2014” will be, I’d just like to take a step back and remember the finer things in life. Newgrounds. Albinoblacksheep. Ebaumsworld.

As we close out 2014 I’d like you all to remember your roots and where you came from. Remember: you can take the kid off of Newgrounds and Albinoblacksheep but you can’t take the piece of shit memer aestietic out of the kid.



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