Freed from an ant farm in the local pet store, the Ants were more than keen to become the administrators, monitoring supplies, maintaining the warehouse, and assisting Protowilson in some of the more detailed actions of the group. Their hive-mind allows them to operate as an organic computer, and what one drone knows, the others do also. Apart from their larger hive-queen, the Ants are seemingly identical to each other, and only Frankenchicken can tell them apart – no mean feat considering their numbers are in the tens of thousands!

Relaxed, practical, and clear-headed; the others are content to relinquish the more mundane matters to them in total trust.

One of the more ghastly experiments conducted by C.A.C. in their produce development centre, the Chimera is an organic trine-splice of a rat, a chicken, and a rabbit. It lives in the warehouse in a semi-somnolent paramnesia, and speaks with a chorus of voices.  The boundaries of its consciousness are fluid, and it has a tendency to borrow the awareness of others.

Recondite, distressed and despairing, the Chimera is viewed by the others as a being with almost telepathic knowledge, and a powerful talisman against opposing forces.

 This loud-mouthed bunch operates under the illusion of the control of Roah in the Surveillance team. Having access to most areas of the city, they have a comprehensive idea of the day-to-day operations in Cinis. Led by Big Bib, with his off-siders Half Bib and Quarter Bib, the boys all believe they’re the ones in charge, when really it’s the ladies who call the shots, and sometimes it takes a good old-fashioned knock-down, drag-out fight to make that clear.

Doughty, excitable, and convivial, they can be too boisterous for most of the others, and a pain in the cloaca for Roah.

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another addition to my videoshowcase- this is "frankenchicken", a short australian cartoon television pilot. top 10 listspersonally, love the frankenchicken one! lol, i;m not a huge kfc fan and that list just cracks me up (i know, the whole thing isn;t totally sn related)! also, that last one.. We also took pictures of the Oscar Award they won. hopefully this group will produce more work in the future as the quality of work in this movie is excellent.. The crush of emails in my in box have been scaring those crickets damn near TO DEATH I. a young chick grows up in the country wanting to become the ;crispy aussie chook; that he sees on the. "frankenchicken" is currently being screened around the world at various festivals, and is available on comcast on demand in the pacific northwest. february 2005they gave me a free movie pass and invited me to the next screening. lectures & sketcheson a less bitter note, i have begun working on designs for the sparrows in frankenchicken. Dvorak - Short bio of John C.. frankenchickenvideo: frankenchicken sometimes i like to buy a family bucket from kfc.Progressional ModelsI;m in the process of making little models of three of the main characters from Frankenchicken. Tags:list of torrent moviesfrank sinatra: the man and the myth (2004) (tv) - torrent download. Cameo by the Cowgod from Green Jello / Green Jelly Lyrics: WELL,. Starring Carrot Topp, Cheri Tomato, El Pollo Diablo, Bird Brain, Punky Rooster, Wikkan Chicken, Bone Head, Puke Boy, Pastafarian, Sgt. variety mix.photobucket - video and image hosting i;ve been keeping a bit of an eye on the us midterm elections. movie torrents - movie listfrankenchicken (1995); frankenstein;s planet of monsters! (1995); frankie (1995) (tv); frankie starlight (1995); frans en duits (1995) (tv); frau des anwaltes, die (1995); frau will nach oben, eine (1995) (tv). "frankenchicken" is currently being screened at film festivals around the world, and is also available on demand on. frankenchickenthe thing that most stands out about this movie, is that the artwork and animation are really sharp and crisp

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