On this day, July 27th, in 1988: Dr. Frank Zamboni died of cardiac arrest, he was 87.

Today’s ice resurfacer: I’m going to go with the Zamboni 560AC, the top of the line ice resurfacer. 

Today’s soundtrack: The Zambonis and Martin Zellar and the Gear Daddies’ “I Want to Drive a Zamboni”

Today’s drink: Molson Extra Old Stock

January 13, 2013’s Google Doodle:

Today’s quote: “The principle product you have to sell is the ice itself.”

Today’s well-advised tattoo:

Zamboni, nothing else is even close.

Hockey Fun and Sports Fact Of The Day

For anybody looking for something unproductive to do at work today, (instead of working). I have the perfect fix. Go to Google’s home page, and you will see that the logo for the day is a Zamboni themed arcade game. Very addictive, and a very good waste of time if you just can’t seem to focus on the tasks at hand. But why a Zamboni game you may ask? It’s all in honor of Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday. It is because of this man, resurfacing the ice in between periods is no longer like watching men tame a wild lion, with a hose and many squeegees. Yes thats right, before the Zamboni men would come out on the ice with a hose, and try to fill in the grooves cut out by the steel of athletes. So today we thank Mr. Zamboni, for keeping hockey games running smoothly for 58 years and counting. 


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Now in honor of Frank Zamboni’s 112 birthday, enjoy this running commentary of some kinds in a Pee Wee league, who think they can resurface the ice better than a “professional” Zamboni driver…… he may or may not be drunk.