'Sleepy Hollow' producers promise even more twists this season


There’s even more “batshit craziness” to come in Sleepy Hollow, according to the show’s writers and cast.

The first season of the fan favorite show—which gained a huge following for its major twists, supernatural elements, diverse and fully fledged characters, and fan inclusion—ended in a major twist that had jaws dropping. But during a press roundtable at New York Comic Con, the show’s creators, writers, and stars, promised that things would get even crazier from episode to episode.

“What I can promise you is you have no idea what’s about to happen next,” Orlando Jones, who plays Frank Irving, said. “It’s a crazy season. It really is crazy.”

[Read more] Warning: This contains spoilers for Sleepy Hollow.


Sleepy Hollow star Orlando Jones REALLY wants to read your fanfic.

In case you have any doubts about Orlando Jones’s fandom cred, here are some of the things we learned from his Twitter feed this weekend:

  • He’s visited 4chan.
  • He ships Ichabod and his wife, Katrina…
  • … but mostly seems to read Ichabod/Abbie friendship fic. Such as this, this, and this
  • He just set up a Tumblr, where he’s already reblogging fan commentary, plus references to the “Make John Green find the thing” meme
  • And he wants IchKatrina and IchAbbie fans to stop arguing, and start writing Ichabod/Irving fanfic instead. As in, slash fanfic about his own character. He even has a couple of ship name suggestions: Ichaving and Irvabod.



The tiny powerhouses and their lanky side kicks from Sleepy Hollow. Just trying to get a feel for drawing their faces in my style.

This show, man. THIS SHOW.