The soul behind technology from Mirror Prod. on Vimeo.

The commercial is celebrating the 20 years of Powersoft. “The soul behind technology”, talks about the close connection between man and machine: mankind fashioned his artefacts at his own image, giving them a life of its own, but what would the machine signify without the human soul and passion?

The video was shot between Holland, England and Italy with a Red Scarlet MX.

Client: Powersoft
Year: 2015
Produced by Mirror Prod.
Director and Editor: Niccolò Francolini, Tommaso Valente
Digital FX and CC: New Solid di Valentino Conte
Executive Producer: Federica Montagni
Concept: Tommaso Valente, Fabio Sgrani, Valerio Massari and Jacopo K. Magrini
Copywriting: Jacopo K. Magrini, Silvia Dal Dosso
Sound FX: Toku Katayama

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