I’m with the Frances sisters of fracesandflair, you guys! *u* 

So glad to finally meet them officially! I’ve know these girls for quite some time because they’re friends with my friends. Ate Joyce is a friend of my photographer in my debut, Kuya Fadi. She was also my classmate in one subject last sem. And Didi is James’ blockmate. I actually felt happy/excited when I found out that they made a fashion blog also. I’m actually encouraging my friends to go blogging na din. Hihi. Recently, I just made a BICOL Fashion Bloggers group in FB ‘cause I want to unite all the bloggers in Bicol just like the bloggers in Manila. Who knows? Maybe in 2013, there’s already a Bicol Bloggers United?! ;)

/tip toed! omg they’re so tall! hihi

We had this photoshoot 'cause we’re planning to create a group of fashionistas in Ateneo. As of now, we have already 9 members. Hey! If you are one, feel free to join our group here! We’re planning to have a photoshoot every Wednesday! ;)

So this is what I wore in our photoshoot and also for school :3

Thrifted dress used as top | Thrifted polka-dot skirt | OASAP bag | Divi flats

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After the long wait, finally, a new outfit post! :)

Yes, I had my haircut. It saddened me, because I miss my long hair. And in that case, I can’t curl it. Huhu *sobs* I really regret having it cut :(

And yes, I got that dreamcatcher top at the Frances and Flair’s giveaway contest!! I really love it! It’s comfortable to wear and luckily, it suits me hahahaha. All thanks to Ate Joyce and Ate Didi! I really love them both, as in REALLY. They’re the kindest and the sweetest. :’> I know that most of you know them both, but you better check out their blog. They’re awesome!

And thank you also to POSHibilities! <3

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francesandflair asked:

Wow that means a lot! Your gratitude to us is more than enough. But then again, we’re more thankful for readers like you. Thank you for appreciating us; it’s so overwhelming to know that we somehow inspire and influence you. God bless you too Karen! Hugs, Ate Joyce and Ate Didi :) ♥ (this answer is published on our blog, might as well send it to you via private message)

Thanks for following Ate Joyce and Ate Didi! :“> More thanks for both of you. Not only for your nice Blog but also for your nice attitude towards your followers and readers! :)   Hope to see you soon in Libon! :) ♥