Domaine de la Baume - France

A splendid MAISONS & HOTELS Sibuet property in the heart of Provence, Domaine de la Baume offers exquisite accommodation in an impeccably restored 18th-century country house surrounded by magnificent French-style gardens, ponds, and picturesque olive groves. Unique in style and character, each room and suite is a gracious display of vibrant Provencal colors and antiques complemented by refined fabrics and modern technology. Once the residence of painter Bernard Buffet, this luxurious estate in the hillside town of Tourtour has a lovely orangery and an enchanting restaurant offering exquisite French cuisine and cooking lessons.

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The Chauvet Cave’s Hyperreal Wonders, Replicated

CHAUVET CAVE, France — After the retreat of Neanderthals across the European continent, modern humans made their way to this cave and began to create the first known works of pictorial art: buffalos surging across the rock background, rhinoceroses doing battle, lions searching for mates and dark-maned horses cantering.

Twenty years after these cave paintings were discovered near the Ardèche River in south-central France, they remain closed to the public for preservation’s sake. But on Saturday, a replica built nearby at a cost of $59 million will open, allowing the public to approximate the experience of the cave explorers who found the paintings. Read more.