WATCH: “What’s Pretty in Paris?” - “Pretty” Episode 1 by Un’ruly.

In the first episode of the new webseries ‘Pretty’ by France-based beauty and hair site Un’ruly, we meet three black Parisian women who discuss “la beauté Française” (French beauty) as it relates to the city’s history and culture, social dynamics, fashion and racial diversity.

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Life As a French Lesbian in Istanbul

I am a woman living in Istanbul and lately, I’ve been coming across a lot of articles titled “Why I left Turkey,” or some variation of that, in the local press. And since I moved here from Paris, every single person I know keeps asking me why the hell I did that. Oh, and did I mention I like girls?

According to the people I meet and hang out with in Istanbul, Turkey is currently sinking into a reactionary state thanks to the AKP—the conservative ruling party. In recent years, the rights of women, homosexuals, and basically anyone who doesn’t fit Tayyip Erdogan’s Ottoman fantasy have waned significantly. This is evident if you follow local politics, but also when you just walk on the street.

Since I moved to Istanbul in 2013, I have been followed in the street at least three times—both in a busy street in the afternoon as well as on a emptier one at night. A few times I have been insulted, and a few more times people have laid their hands on me. But the context of these misfortunes doesn’t really matter. The point is I haven’t spent one day in Istanbul without feeling objectified.



Did you know that legendary french affineur Hervé Mons just set a world record for Largest Cheese Board in the World? 365 cheeses, 2.4 tons and 50 meters long, that’s a whole lot of cheese, laid out in the Mons affinage tunnels at Croix Rousse. reports on the event and brings back some impressive photos (french only): 

Un plateau galactique!

Avec l’art et la manière, Hervé Mons a battu le record du “plus grand plateau de fromage du monde”.

Les chiffres bruts – 365 fromages, un poids total de 2,4 tonnes réparti sur 24,5 m² et 50 mètres linéaires – expriment assez peu l’émotion visuelle produite par le nouveau « plus grand plateau de fromage du monde », présenté ce 24 janvier à Lyon, par Hervé Mons, l’un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France fromagers. Les données, certifiées par huissier, n’attendent plus désormais que d’être homologuées par le Guiness Book des records. Il n’y aura pas photo : le précédent record, détenu par le Royaume Uni, avait regroupé 45 fromages (pour un poids total de 1 125 kilos) répartis sur 16 m².

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