Tomorrow in Lake Worth. As far as I know this is the first incited show of 2015 so make sure you show up early and show em some love. Victim Of Reality. Also the first time in a long time Cruel hand is down here playin a HC show so it should be a great time.
Shows at Propaganda tend to start on time so show up early with a packed out car.

Old Chokes
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Withering in gardens left dry. I’m still soaked from their old chokes. Oh, what a mess I’ve made now. Oh, what a mess of things I’ve made. It’s such a shame; all that dirt couldn’t grow. I put the blame all on the shine and less the soil.We must wilt away if we wish to someday grow, but I’ve wilted and waned over and over. The soil is as far as I, as I can go.

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Frameworks // Rosebuds

I’ve picked apart everything that meant something to me. Memories of home, of all my friends, and family. Every day is the same. No rose buds, Just early graves.