Fyuse Beta

Smartphone app for iOS and Android lets you take moving photographs which can be viewed at different angles, a technique they call ‘spatial photography’ - video embedded below:

Forget Point & Shoot, fyuse the world from every angle. Fyuse records only when you move.

To view a fyuse, tilt your phone or swipe on screen. Fyuse brings interaction to 2D photos.

Galleries with infinite storage. Share on social networks or send directly as instant messages.

You can find out more and download the app at their website here

fyuseapp also have a Tumblr blog here

Porcelain Tigers & Haute Couture: FvF Meets Linda Charlotte Ehrl in Berlin

As a fashion stylist Linda Charlotte Ehrl has dabbled in just about everything: from haute couture to commerce.

Her Berlin apartment is a colorful mix of special props and homemade details. Between the porcelain tiger, the antique-style wooden globe and movie posters, Linda tells us about her everyday life as a fashion stylist and set designer - on Freunde von Freunden.

This portrait is part of our ‘Friends of Cars’ which we publish along with Spiegel Online. Rediscover our previous stories here.

Thank you Julia GrossiKai Kolwitz and Marietta Auras.