french crooner en bords de loire


This is legit the music I listen to when I write. I mean, sure I listen to Mayday Parade and Mumford & Sons, but if I really need to concentrate… well, here you do.

Also a dedication to a blogger by the name of Frakyeahfrenchmusic. Here’s to you and filling up my dash with awesome music!


"Rocky- Chase the Cool"

This song/video is so extra dope on like 9 different levels




Artist : Stromae
Song : Tous Les Mêmes
Album : Racine Carrée [2013]


Wow Belgium rocks!

Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams]
  • Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams]
  • Daft Punk
  • Get Lucky (Radio Edit) [feat. Pharrell Williams] - Single

Artist : Daft Punk
Song : Get Lucky [radio edit] [Pharrell Williams & Nile Rodgers]
Album : Random Access Memories [2013]


I just bought it on itunes, I guess it’s not a fake this time :)  Enjoy!

Well, it is that time of year again. Time to reflect on the music of 2014 and count down my top 25 french albums. And I made a Spotify playlist!


1 > Cascadeur - Ghost Surfer
Favorite tracks: Casino, Visage Pâle, Kisses, Ghost Surfer, Collector

2 > Christine and The Queens - Chaleur Humaine
Favorite tracks: Saint ClaudeNuit 17 à 52Christine, Paradis Perdus, Half LadiesChaleur Humaine

3 > Pegase - Pegase
Favorite tracks: Without Reasons, Old Idol, Out Of Range, Ladybug

4 > Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains - Piano Ombre
 Favorite tracks: Réveil Inconnu, La Fille Aux Cheveux de Soie, Piano Ombre

5 > Singtank - Ceremonies
Favorite tracks: Frida, When, Ursus, Can You Hear Me


6 > The Dø - Shake Shook Shaken
Favorite tracks: Keep Your Lips Sealed, Opposite Ways, Sparks, Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy

7 > Jean-Louis Murat - Babel
Favorite tracks: J’ai Fréquenté la BeautéVallée des Merveilles

8 > Asa - Bed Of Stone 
Favorite tracks: Dead Again, Moving On, Bed Of Stone

9 > ALB - Come out! It’s Beautiful
Favorite tracks: The RoadWhispers Under The Moonlight, Back To The Sun, Golden Chains, Take Advice, Never Miss You

10 > Isaac Delusion - Isaac Delusion
Favorite tracks: She Pretends, The Child You Were, Children Of The Night


11 > Orange Blossom - Under The Shade Of Violets
Favorite tracks: Ommaty, Ya Sidi, Pitcha

12 > Marie-Flore - By The Dozen
Favorite tracks: Empty Walls, Nikolaj The 2nd, By The Dozen, Number Them

13 > Kid Francescoli - With Julia
Favorite tracks: Blow Up, Does She?, Disco Queen, Boom Boom #2 

14 > Owlle - France
Favorite tracks: FreeYour EyesDisorderDon’t Loose ItCreed

15 > Talisco - Run
Favorite tracks: Your Wish, Bring Me Back, So Old, The Keys, Glory, Follow Me


16 > Employee Of The Year - Employee Of The Year
Favorite tracks: On My Own, Coming, That Train, Home

17 > Mark Daumail - Speed Of Light
Favorite tracks: Monsters, Mistaken, King, Remember, Seaside

18 > Noemi - Les Pays Humides
Favorite tracks: HippocampeLes Pays Humides, Bosphore

19 > Mina Tindle - Parades
Favorite tracks: Madonne, I Command 

20 > Sébastien Tellier - L’Aventura
Favorite tracks: Aller Vers Le Soleil, Love, L’Adulte


21 > Florent Marchet - Bambi Galaxy
Favorite tracks: Ma Particule Elémentaire, Alpha Centauri, Héliopolis

22 > La Féline - Adieu L’Enfance
Favorite tracks: Adieu L’Enfance, Le Parfait Etat, Les Fashionistes

23 > 49 Swimming Pools - Songs Of Popular Appeal
Favorite tracks: Oceans, The Bright Light (She’s The Only)

24 > Charlie - Les Fleurs Sauvages
Favorite tracks: Le Naufrage, Les Fleurs Sauvages, Les Pluies, Sans Commentaire

25 > Emilie Simon - Mue 
Favorite tracks: Perdue Dans Tes Bras, Des Larmes, Paris J’ai Pris Perpète