I wanted to make a simple theme to relax after those desu themes but nope one day maybe

this was actually heavily influenced by fraekugel (he also drew the sidebar pictures, what a nice guy he is)

tumblr user saiduq is also a really nice person for helping me combat my laziness


  • has 500px or 400px wide posts
  • has white/black audio player
  • can change the space between posts (for no space at all, type -1 in)
  • two sidebar images*
  • has pages
  • can show tags
  • can show border shadow

* the width is 460px where 200px will be visible, the rest will be behind the posts

there is also an option for larger sidebars; their width is half your screen resolution and they will appear at the right/left side

[preview] [code]

as always, do not claim as your own, steal or remove the credit, thanks