I love a good french press for making coffee. I find that coffee machines gunk up, run the risk of molding inside, and they make your coffee sour after a while. With a french press I get the true flavor of my coffee beans and a good strong cup too!

I received this french press from Fracois et Mimi for review. It is a beauty! First off, it’s huge. Easily 12 cups. This is great because coffee time around here is usually never a solo.

I love how solid the design is—I never feel like I’m going to break it like I have with others. The handle is made of [something] that is not plastic—it won’t burn or melt. The filters are super fine and layered.

The whole thing is easy to clean. It’s just fabulous. If you find yourself in the market for a new french press, choose Francois et Mimi. You won’t be disappointed!