Everything you need to know about tonight’s AMA
  1.  How to join reddit (you need an account if you want to ask questions):
    1. visit this page and create an account
    2. go to the gravity falls subreddit
    3. wait for the AMA to be posted
  2. What is am AMA? /r/gravityfalls has posted a useful guide that explains it pretty well.
  3. Remember! This is you opportunity to ask bill questions about the canon-verse. If you want information about the behind-the-scenes stuff or anything else Alex has said, you can check out his previous answers on Reddit or Michael Rianda’s AMA.
  4. Not sure how to act? Stickydoona’s comic and the Reddiquette page are both worth a read.

General notes:

  • You can still read the AMA without an account, you just won’t be able to post.
  • The fewer questions you post and the more precise you are, the more likely you are to get an answer.
  • Don’t ask questions about billdip/doritos/other silly fandom jokes/shipping. They probably won’t be answered, and you’ll sound obnoxious. 
  • This is your chance to ask anything you want about the canon! Got a theory you want confirmed? There’s no better place to ask.

BTW, the last time alex had an AMA he posted these as reminders, so I shall be reminding you of his reminders a couple hours before this goes down:

  • *BE SPECIFIC! THE MORE SPECIFIC the question, the MORE LIKELY it is I’ll write back!
  • *Try to BE ORIGINAL! I’ve done like a zillion interviews already, so stuff like “where did you get the idea for the show?” will make me fall asleep on my keyboard, and the answer will be “nnnxxxfffffffffff”
  • *BE SHORT! The shorter it is, the easier it’ll be to read!
  • *I’m 100% more likely to answer your question if you only ask ONE
  • *SPOILER QUESTIONS will either be ignored or responded to with an image of an axlotl, the albino frilled Mexican salamander.

When I write 2D games in C or C++, I always go for a custom rendering solution using OpenGL. Neither SDL2 or SFML2, the go-to multimedia libraries for C and C++ suffice for my needs.I recently read that many developers go this route for 2D games, because there aren’t as many libraries for fast rendering as for 3D.I was thinking of creating a rendering library that uses OpenGL 2.1 as a backend (with support for other renderers such as GLES, DirectX and perhaps Vulkan in the future). This library would allow rendering of images, particles and fonts using a SpriteBatch/Submission based renderer approach. I would like to release it under the zlib license.I was wondering if anyone would be interested. Additionally, I was wondering if people would prefer the windowing code to be included, or to just pass the library some graphics context, a draw buffer and means of loading images and fonts. via /r/gamedev