Demographic, is an objective observation of race, age, income, labeled criteria, gender and orientation.

Psychographic is a subjective observation, about attitudes lifestyles, taste and belief systems. It is ageless, genderless and has no focus related to race or orientation.

Psychographic analysis tries to find a message that unites everybody. For example; Breakdancers come from all backgrounds. Many different kinds of people voted for Obama. All the world loves Jazz music. German Chocolate cake is a favorite of most people. Most people are interested in world peace.

Demographic makes assumptions about people that in many cases are not true. For example; All girls like dolls. Inner city kids don’t like rock and roll. Country music is only for rural people. Dogs and cats can’t live together.

The problem with today’s content (music, film, TV ect) is, even if it has a positive message the requirement is still to deliver it demographically. As a result the message has limited reach and must be augmented for every market. Urban films must be marketed to inner city people. Adult Contemporary music must be marketed to 30 - 60 year olds.

Unfortunately, old school is still new school in marketing content. This is one of the many reasons the industry feels slow to change. Demographics is dead but no one has told the major distribution outlets. Maybe they know it but are just afraid to change.

The old school idiots strategically market to youth through their culture. MTV please stand up. In its heyday a psychographic king. Now it is just a demographic Jersey Shore slut. This is kind of an insult since youth is influencing all of culture. Their other big mistake is utilizing in your face marketing to adults (billboards, Internet, newspapers). Adults are online looking for friends, home and garden sales, toys for their kids and someone to marry.

So what is the correct answer in entertainment. That my friends is event marketing. Whatever you are doing make it an event for the audience or their peer leaders. Who are peer leaders you ask? People that are at the top of their game in their respective psychographic categories. Anderson Cooper, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, President Obama, Oprah and Ellen Degeneres. These are all key influencers. 

Legacy structures (ie: major studios, television networks, athletic shoe companies, soft drink companies) and new media business leaders (Facebook, record labels, clothing brands), want to change mass social behavior to benefit them. They want mass culture to stop doing what they are doing and do what they say. These old and new corporate conglomerates want to dictate. Back in the day they made you but CD’s and VHS tapes now they want you to wear Ed Hardy. 

They are unconcerned with DJs who mashup songs, kids in music programs and film programs and high school students who know more about the Internet than Harvard grads. They want people to do what they say. If they drive the train they make the money centralized. Centralized money gives them more money to executives and makes these companies attractive for major corporate acquisition (Time buys Warner Bros. Time Warner buys AOL. Disney buys ESPN and ABC. Viacom buys MTV, VH1 and Paramount Pictures). Then they make more money, mo money, mo money! If consumers are the rule of the day then mo money is de-centralized and corporations make far less. Executives don’t get that house in the Hollywood Hills with the Botoxed surgically enhanced girlfriend.

Corporations are on some bulls*&! (Hood Translation: corporations are pulling the legs of the consumer in order to pick their pockets). 

For instance:

Over 4 million downloads of the movie Wolverine happened before the movie was released and the movie still did very well. 179 million domestically and 373 million worldwide. Was that piracy or was it marketing??? Maybe it was both. How do we tell the difference? Do we really care? Does it really matter??? Myth busted, file sharing does not effect the bottom line with quality content. What we are looking at today is a world that demands quality. 

There is the event and then the other stuff. With music, the event is the concert not the recording. Film, the event is the public screening and the theatrical release.

If you are building your entertainment brand for distribution you will loose. If you are building it to create an event. You will win.

How do you market your entertainment event? 
1. Listen to your audience.
2. You must be relevant to the audience as a potential event. They will tell you what they want.

Can you market on the Internet? Yes but it actually may be just as effective on the phone if you don’t have a plan. Telemarketers anyone?

Yikes!!! Pretty simple call your friends. Text your friends. Just make sure they are under 25 because over 25 people only like texting to gossip, get directions and complain. Unless you like sending pictures of your private parts around.

You cannot put entertainment on a marketing conveyer belt. You need to ask the audience what they want to experience. It is amazing to me the number of people who love Hip Hop who now say they hate modern Hip Hop. Yet urban artists continue to use auto tunes and sell event records to kids. Solja Boy is an event. Lil John is an event. Lady GaGa is an event who delivers quality, that is why she is on top. The numbers of converts from alternative music to country is massive, yet the ridiculous numbers of bands that thrash about on stage and sing about ripping society apart is cliche’ and a waste of time if they are trying to pay their rent. There are now people who say, “I hated country music as a kid and now I love it.” Consumers change their mind in strange ways and have every right in the world. Consumers drive the train because they pay the bills.

You must put the same amount of energy and creativity into your marketing as you would with the original content and product. Wow that means you just might need to step up your game on both ends!  Welcome to the digital world. Welcome to the terror dome (Public Enemy, 1988)

People that hate marketing don’t last. People that don’t know their market in  production don’t last either. Music artist who tell you that they are the truth or their music is hot are lying to the worst person of all, themselves. 

"My film will screen at Sundance because it is a great story. Studios and networks will be knocking down my door for this content," filmmakers say this all the time. Filmmakers who tell you their film is genius and it is a story that must be told are self-absorbed. The only people that have the right to talk about a film are the consumers who see it and pay for it.

The business with the best technology rules!!! Build an event using psychographics and they will come! That is what Sundance did.


You can’t get principle from an ATM Machine. In the 1980’s and 90’s you could get mythology but not anymore.

We are past the day of hocus-pocus marketing. In 1989 Dr. Dre then member of the group NWA proclaimed, “I am going to teach you the value of street knowledge.” It worked people bought into it and he created a career and genre for himself. West Coast Hip Hop. Well actually he and Ice Cube did. Easy E the originator of the group died in 1995 from HIV and AIDS. MC Ren (MC Ren? Who dat?..Exactly) the forth member of NWA who never quite made it straight out of Compton. Hope he saved his money and invested in the internet in the 90’s and social media and emerging markets in the 2000’s.

Fast forward to today. Dr. Dre sells headphones, Ice Cube makes Coors commercials and franchise kids movies like, “Are We There Yet?” So much for the value street knowledge. Now they just sell content and audio headphones to street kids. By the way Beats Headphones retail for $199.00 - $229.00 - $349.00 - $449.00 - $599.00. Paying too much for headphones stinks. 

"Are We There Yet," the series is on TBS. What has happened to street knowledge is not very funny. Think about it.

So could Too Short sell CD’s out of the trunk of his car today. Could Master P and Cash Money Records sell their CD on the street and make millions in 2011? The answer is no. Why? Most people buy their music online. Germany has one of the few industrialized hard markets for music and content left. Yes people in Germany still buy CD’s. Yes you still can make an entire career out of just pushing content in Germany alone. 

The few people that still push that hustle and buy that hustle don’t even have email. Only 40% of all people in Mississippi have high speed internet. 90% of people in Massachusetts have access. You do the math. Besides whether it is Columbia, Mississippi or Lusaka, Zambia most people in data restrained locations and territories copy data the old fashioned way. They copy and burn CDs.  

The conflict between art and business has never been greater. Fine artists, for example; sculptors, painters or photographers ect. have the right to say, “If they do not get my work that is their problem.” Music and film artists who want big money Hollywood deals, not so much.

Entertainment is a commodity with the intent to be bought and sold for market value. Like it or not it is show business which means the business of show.

As a content creator you must know how to make the moments and make the ride. You must find out who out there is passionate about what you are creating. You must know who you are making your content and product for. If you are making it for yourself or to get chicks don’t expect to make money. Money is noo longer for nothing and the chicks are not free.

So what are people passionate about now? In the music business adult contemporary and country. In film animation, sp/fx, action and comedy.

So Far in 2011 (As of July)

1.   Pirates Of The Caribbean
2.   Hangover 2 - Comedy
3.   Kung Fu Panda 2
4.   Thor - Action
5.   X-Men: First Class
6.   Rango - Animation 
7.   Hop - Animation
8.   Rio - Animation - Top DVD
9.   Just Go With It - Comedy
10. The Green Hornet - Action
11. Gnomeo and Juliet - Animation
12. Fast Five - Action
13. Battle Los Angeles - Action
14. Limitless - Drama
15. Justin Bieber - Music

With the exception of Limitless and Justin Bieber this list holds true.

Social 50 (The most popular artist on social networking sites).
1.   Lady GaGa
2.   Justin Bieber
3.   Eminem
4.   Katy Perry
5.   Rihanna
6    Shakira
7.   Lil Wayne
8.   Akon
9.   Black Eyed Peas
10. Britney 

This is the market, what are you prepared to do to penetrate it?

Test your marketing with people you think want to experience your product.
Plant the seeds for your concept or idea. Make a website, get into social networking, give away a CD with songs on it. Throw a party. Have an event. Send out text. Call your friends.

If you are comparing any entertainment product to anything before 2008 you are committing fraud. The financial structure has changed and the numbers are not in yet. We don’t live in the same world. Start from scratch.

You must plug in the old paradigm (pre-internet) with the current one (new media) to find any cause and affect relationship.

Make your content available anywhere to everyone. Let them buy the content and access it anywhere on Earth. If you can give it away. Build the loyal following. Consumers are loyal as long as the product quality is high. The Beastie Boys will be Hip Hop artist for life. Ja Rule and DMX not so much.

Back in the day when dinosaurs and Commodore 64 roamed the Earth in 1983. People had cell phones. Yes cell phones. They were giant but they worked. You paid for everything with that phone. If someone accidentally called you, you paid. If you dropped a call you paid. You paid for for just looking at it. As a result people tossed their phones out the window and went back to pagers. The phone companies got the point and now we buy minutes or all you can use disposable phones. People now want to know what they were paying at the beginning of the month not at the end of the month. That could and probably will change as people add on to their phones with apps and content.

iTunes is a big success for Apple not the industry at large. 12% of all purchased music comes through iTunes. iTunes is successful for Apple because it sells ipads. iTunes does not make a lot of money for the music business. Maybe the music biz should make their own ipods, ipads or iphones.


Achievement and Business is working in group environments. The fly by the seat of their pants days are over. Very few make it by themselves. It is not about you, it is about the group. All industries have an expiration date. Entertainment is no exception. The only way to prevent this is to reinvent you. But if you grow too much and mature too much and your cost line is too high you will die. When the cost of capitol equals how much money the company is making the company is dead. Remember there was a time when the horse and buggy was a hot item. Technology has turned a corner to the point where it now fools venture capitol investors. Remember the .com crash. As a result investors are not as quick to invest. They have doubts all the time in today’s market. As a result collaboration is key. To combat the lack of venture capitol and financial support in all business, working together and pooling resources is a must.

It does not matter that I am not

famous. It does not matter who I know. What matters is what I know and what wisdom I can share or impart with you. You must be proactive. No one will give you anything in this business or in life. The change is here. Yes you can.


Nielson did a survey and discovered 80% of people will not pay for web content no matter how it is delivered to them. If they can get it somewhere else they will do it. Only exclusive content has a chance at being bought. 95% of all music on the Internet is shared for free (pirated). 

Originality matters if you want to put a price point on it. The question is do you? 

We are over saturated with content but people want to produce more because people demand it. 

The average American family gets 118 channels of cable but they only watch 16 of them. What if your cable bill was pro-rated based on what you watched. What if you could buy a movie and watch it on any platform you wish on your time. 

With prolitheration comes the reality that content gets less money to produce unless it can cross over into the area of mass audience. No love no money. No matter how talented you are if you don’t cross over you won’t get rich. If you are in it for the money you may want to consider making mass appeal content. consumer expectations are how you get paid. You can make a nice living in a niche market. 

Once Hollywood sees success the perception is that it has inherent value. Hollywood is a pay to play business now. The question is, is it relevant. The answer is no. 

Hollywood is a top down structure. They tell you what they want you to do. They market to you. They push out to you. But they are diametrically opposed to the market, we live in a world where consumers rule. 

Access to distribution is just having access to a broadband network. The real access is marketing.  

YouTube is an aggregator and the number two search engine in the world. Google is #1 and guess what people Google has owned YouTube since October 9, 2006. 

If you can’t type or read it is nice to have a video to explain to you what something is. but this does make you vulnerable to the powers of suggestion but then again maybe there is a video to refute the video you just watched that is the lie. For your sake I hope so.


Question? What was the most significant September event in the last 10 years?

Answer. September 15 2008 – For those of you who don’t know. You should know. It was the great stock market crash of our generation.

Lehman Bros. Holdings Inc. the forth-largest investment bank in America filed for bankruptcy following a massive exodus of its clients and dramatic losses in stock, which led to a collapse in credit. The effect was global as it reached Asia and Europe.

The crash or panic of 2008 was considered the greatest since the depression. The collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, which peaked in 2006, caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate pricing to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally. Questions regarding bank solvency, declines in credit availability and damaged investor confidence had an impact on global stock markets, where securities suffered large losses during 2008 and early-2009. Economies worldwide slowed during this period, as credit tightened and international trade declined.

Any pitch, project or concept that you have that predates Sept 15, 2008 is worthless. My album is like Outkast Meets Linkin Park. My film is like Blair Witch Meets Mean Girls. Anything before this date in history is, “So 2000 and late.”

Why did this crash happen? People failed to accurately price risk financial products. Institutions and governments did not adjust to 21st century markets. Have you adjusted to 21st century markets? Where do you find 21st century markets? The Internet is a good start. 

Internet – The greatest change in mankind since the explosion of the atom bomb. The Internet is steamrollering the music, film and TV business. Things pop up out of nowhere and become serious forms of revenue and pop cultural phenomena. It has decentralized creativity and promoted political confusion.

1.    Leave Britney Alone video
2.    The Alabama kid witness an assault, tells the news and a song is made.
3.    The dancing guy from You Tube
4.    Barack Obama is not American
5.    Donald Trump should run for president.
6.    Charlie Sheen is winning.
7.    Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Social Networking:

People don’t communicate the same way anymore. Language has evolved and it keeps people out unless you know what LOL means. If you are loud enough and clear enough and can connect to enough people you can get your message out there. Expression is no longer centered in NY, LA or Chicago or Atlanta. The unification and reaching of grassroots is key. The power source is now the consumer. They control the market. They control the mediums.

Some people will get left behind;

1.    People who don’t have e-mail.
2.    People who still try to sell CDs
3.    People who think TV and film are it.
4.    People who think if you talk the loudest your agenda will be taken seriously.

People don’t listen to 45rpm records or albums. People don’t listen to CDs and we don’t watch VHS. DVD is on life support. Books are going and Tower Records is gone.

Once upon a time 45 rpm records were king. Everybody bought singles in the 50’s and early 60’s. That changed when the industry stopped making 45’s and forced people to buy an entire album to get one song. The industry then stopped making albums and forced the consumer to buy CDs, which were more expensive. They also forced you to buy a different playback device to enjoy them. This was more expensive too. The Internet has put the power back in the hands of the consumer. People buy singles again. Many times the messages that are attached to these singles are now what we call blogs.

But Blogging and Twittering to kids under 17 is not important. Kids cannot get onto Facebook officially until 14. 20,000 kids are tossed off Facebook everyday because of age violations.The ones that don’t get caught will slowly chase the the adults away. Where will they go? Google +? Maybe? Maybe not? Don’t laugh kids and freaks chased adults away from Myspace. Adults are here to stay online and they are taking over. Sorry kids.

Adults twit and blog. Adults have a big expectation about how we act and don’t act. It is not about what you say it is what you do. Just ask Charlie Sheen. If you listen to him he sounds crazy but the guy is printing money in a money driven starved economy. He’s got over a million followers on Twitter and most of them are adults who are looking for a better job in a bad economy.


You can spend billions, trillions of dollars subsidizing technology all you want. 

Only a small percentage of it will work. Success is achieved when the content created has value to the consumer. Market the great idea not the myth. Don’t talk about what this product can do, talk about what it has done. Service is the new sales. Productivity is the new marketing. Distribution is over. If you have the right content with the right marketing it will go if you know what you are doing with the deal making. Don’t get caught up in what’s cool. Get caught up in what people want in their lives. Don’t dictate, listen. This is not the 80’s and 90’s you can not tell people what to do or think.

Want to know where you fall in this new global market? Think about what you would be like right now if you were 12 years old. As a pre-teen what do you think you would be doing. What do you think you would be watching. What would be important to you. Role playing is the most accurate form of projection analysis these days.

Age 12 and over - skepticism. This group doubts everything, parents authority, school and brushing their teeth.

Under 12 - followers. If Buzz Lightyear says it, it must be true. Animation is the real world for kids under 12. Parents can tell their kids anything at this stage. They will also buy them anything. Tickets and the DVD to the latest PIXAR movie.

Parents don’t steal content for their children. They will give you a credit card number for it and in many cases overpay. They will even fill out a survey. Parents are also under pressure to buy quickly because their child’s taste changes rapidly. Every three years it is something new.

Children now assume everything will change. Change is relevant. Nothing lasts forever. “OMG! Katy Perry and PINK! are so last summer. Watch this crazy You Tube kid sing Britney Spears songs. I love Justin Bieber!” Ahh the cry of youth. 

So institutions change. Marriage, love, jobs, living in your hometown. Nothing is an absolute anymore. Love is not forever and it can come later or maybe never. What you like changes. I have friends who have said, “When I grew up I hated Country music now I love it.” Taste is a trend not an evolving sensibility. 

Complete aversion to conflict. Why fight and work something out when you can just move on. You can get another job, another significant other and another friend.

"If your girlfriend starts acting up, then you take her friend." (Hip Hop quote: Sugar Hill Gang) Rapper’s Delight 1979

Youth are the what’s next generation. what’s now is not cool. What’s next might be if I say so or my generational leader says so. Ask Lady GaGa she knows the truth. 

Where do youth network. Only 10% use email. They are text messaging. Adults use social networks because they think it is cool. 

Myspace has been blown away by adults who love Facebook. Ironically people that use Myspace are less judgmental than Facebook users and tend not to travel in packs online. If only Myspace could figure out how to tap into the youth texting industry and change and forecast trends like the wind. If Myspace could do that they could make stars. 

Myth, Movie stars and music stars matter. False!

Stars are worth less than the money they are made with. Character actors and unique artists are king. They make an emotional connection with consumers.

Why is Johnny Depp a star? He transforms himself with his Character acting. Why has Meryl Streep endured? She transforms herself through character acting. Cate Blanchett is another, case closed.

Lady GaGa is loved. Justin Timberlake as a singer is on life support. As a character actor, dynamite!

Uniqueness and being different are what get you attention. That is why Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive. Death is always unique. Like him or not Michael Jackson has an emotional connection with consumers. They love him and they hate him. No attention is bad attention in the digital universe. Prince will always be able to tour. Madonna will always stir emotions in women who seek liberation.

Why do people dislike Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage? Name one memorable emotional character they have ever created. Name one unique quality about them that we identify with. They do what we have already seen before. Would you have a beer with them?

The production value and story carries the event film now. It’s the emotional connection not the movie star. Movie stars represent what is not next. Many music stars represent what is failing about the music industry. Not what’s next. Innovation is not at a premium these days. Electronic Auto Tunes and music video, just may be arresting the development of the evolution of music. There was a time when electronic synth music and music videos propelled us forward. That was the 80’s. Now it holds us down and time marches on and over us.

Could Miles Davis make Kind Of Blue Today?
Could Marvin make What’s Going On?
Could Pink Floyd make The Wall?
Could Berry Gordy create Motown?
Could The Beatles invent the Beatles?
Could The Sex Pistols revolutionize rock?
Could The Doors redefine rock star?
Could Michael Jackson dance in music videos?
Could Madonna’s style translate into female empowerment?

Could these artist have broken through the industry clutter that is right now?

Jay-Z and Lil’ Wayne is what’s now but they don’t sell like they use to. Where is that great rock band that can sell records? Lady GaGa makes the cover of Rolling Stone. Adele is the new it girl of the moment. Taylor Swift just keeps rocking along. Female artist have an emotional connection of empowerment for women. Women are 50% of the market.

Why are the Rolling Stones no longer relevant except for touring. Answer, they don’t make what’s next anymore. Up next U2 as the next great Rolling Stones.

What are consumers looking for today?

They are, “Looking for a new connection in an old familiar way,” (Human League, 1983).

You can market on the Internet! False! You can use the Internet to launch your business plan. The Internet is no more powerful than the telephone if you don’t have a plan of action.


There are no secrets. Most of us now know the truth in entertainment due to the Internet. The Manilli Vanilli effect. You know it’s true. If you do not know the truth you live in matrix mythology. You believe what you are told or what you want to believe. This enables an individual to keep their universe intact. For some moving forward is living in denial. For the rest truth fuels inspiration. There are many mythologies that are destroying your life. I once had a friend who said, “The only way you can have a good relationship with someone is to live in denial.”

You must make your Films, music, media and TV in Hollywood, Chicago and NYC.

False! Atlanta has proven that is not the case in music and they are starting to prove it with film. All content can be made anywhere, especially online media. If you need something to look like Hollywood or NYC you can create it. Avatar proved any universe is believable. Hip Hop and Alt Rock have proven music movements go anywhere (Seattle, LA, NYC, Athens GA ect.). The only genre that has a centralized location is Country and that is Nashville. Can that be broken up maybe. ATL is building the Nashville model in ATL. Lifestyle and identity are as much a part of the music as the music. The fashion the dress the vernacular and attitude. Hip Hop may never leave ATL and Country will never leave Nashville. Is it possible to make it in Nashville and then move to Atlanta. Yes it is. Is it possible to make it in Hip Hop in the ATL and move to Nashville. Yes it is. How? Play what the people want to hear. Some form of County/Hip Hop would be a good start.

The Mass exodus out of NYC, Hollywood and Chicago is not forever. False! This time the game has changed. Burt Reynolds tried it in ATL in the 70’s. Kim Bassinger in the 80’s. LaFace in the 90’s. They all failed because Hollywood was still centralized and thriving. Hollywood is in California with massive state debt. The farming community of San Fernando and Silicon Valley is not going to subsidize entertainment. 

The most successful Indy film mogul to date is in GA. His name is Tyler Perry. His movies open with an average of 29 million in their first weekend. The average budget of a Tyler Perry project, is 5 million. You do the math. He is the biggest selling Indy director of all time. It is 40% cheaper to create content in the state of GA and you get a kick back from the state. The standard of living is cheaper. More bang for your buck and cheaper unions to operate in a right to work state. Cheaper everything in GA from gas to rental car to crew people. In GA as a producer you get rebates based on taxable elements you bring to the state for your production (goods, services ect.) I have two residences. For what I pay in ATL I get a high rise down town condo near the CNN center. I drive a Jag and eat at nice restaurants. In LA I share a two bedroom apartment with an actor in Hollywood, have no car, eat whole foods in and take cabs, bum rides and get on the bus. I am thinking about downsizing in LA and moving to Chicago or Nashville.

Marketing does not matter! False marketing now exceeds creativity especially in pop music and Hollywood films. If you put it online and on TV you are marketing. Name the last thing to blow up that was not a part of an online or marketing experience. 

The number one motivator in Hollywood is money! False! It’s fear of failure and holding on to your job. Fear of being scolded for being creative and the product does not sell. That’s why the biz markets stars and not unknown talent. If you want to work in Hollywood for the big bucks get known talent. Major studios are backing out of development. They want you to make it and then tell you what to do with it. They buy it. Distribute it. Make most of the money and then make you make more. Sound familiar? Try researching old blues artists. Fear breeds aggression against the artist. “I don’t care what happens to the artist because I need my job and money!” Also, “Do I care about industry change? Not on my watch, I don’t want to do anything to screw up my pension plan. I have been at this studio for 20 years.” Nice houses in the Hollywood Hills keeps people from changing.

People at major entertainment companies read scripts, listen to demos and take ideas! False! Most things are not spec they are based on relationships. Content is green lit and financed based on producer power. They dictate what will get made based on their taste and agenda. Directors who have the resume get green lit. Talent that drives the industry get projects made. You want to get your content made in the system. Make friends with the system. For the love of God Kim Kardashian released a song and it was not because she was talented. You must have power attached to your idea. There is no check and balance system and people violate the rules of structure all the time. You know hanging people from their feet outside of hotel windows is a method to getting the rights to songs. It’s not nice but it happens. When there is money to be made the industry looks the other way.

You make more money with stars. False. That has not been the case for over ten years. With stars you are forced to double your profits just to break even. With stars you must spend more on marketing and open or release bigger. Jay-Z and 50 Cents last albums barely broke platinum status. Old ladies from London, dead pop icons and of course Ladt GaGa sell more. 

The great battle in the entertainment biz is piracy! False. The great battle is small biz vs. big biz. Technology wins the day for small biz. Big biz does not know how to use it. Big biz destroys and misuses small biz when they buy it Rupert Murdoch and Myspace suck. Small biz can turn into big biz. Google, You Tube, Facebook, Netflix ECT.


The world has changed. I am now going to prove it to you conclusively with one statement, “Who has the courage to turn off their phone?”…Congrats you have just participated in one of the latest trends of 2011. Getting offline enables you to be more in the moment and pay attention to me. Being offline forces you to not be distracted. Why can’t the revolution be televised? Because it is inside of you and then it is uploaded online. Creativity is decentralized and distribution is accessible to everyone. If you have a YouTube page you are a distributor. You are what you download and someone knows it. The Federal gov’t moves 80 TB of info on people everyday. So does Walmart, Google and Pandora. Pandora sells your taste in music and your location everyday to advertisers. Laws are in the works to punish illegal file sharers but kicking them off line for up to six months for violations. These violations can be brought against you by corporations. Warner Bros. wants to punish kids for being kids. Do you throw a kid in jail for stealing bubble gum from a local store? Who you know only matters when you can convince them of something and how they can get a piece of the pie. Only talk to and associate with people who believe in you. Kiss no butt unless they are paying you to do it. Make it a big check or a great deal of leverage for you and your brand. Success is no longer a generational issue. You must trust people over 30 and older people need the infusion of energy and youth to succeed. This is no longer old vs. young. It is not have and have-nots. It is know vs. don’t know. Clueless is useless and not very sexy anymore. Older people listen to classic rock, blues, jazz, country, adult contemporary, classical, soul and old skool hip hop. 40% of all music sales are currently catalogue. Young people change trends every three years. The biggest selling genres in music are country and adult contemporary. The lowest alternative and Hip Hop. Old people just may be taking over for the first time in entertainment since the end of the Victorian age of the late 19th and early 20th century.


So how many people out there follow Charlie Sheen on Twitter? Well for those of you who do you are under sheenfluence- Under the influence or having been influenced by Charlie Sheen. The key to following Mr. Sheen is not what Charlie is doing but finding out what the people are doing who follow The Warlock with the tiger blood who is always winning.

In this business is it what you know or who you know? The answer is now what you know.