But Luke’s actually such a polite guy, he helps people to clean up in interviews when they’re done, he always says ‘thank you’ and ‘please’, he never actually gets angry even when Michael teases him to infinity, he’s just all in all really polite and has good manners

Except when he’s looking all hot and sexy and shit then he is not polite cause looking like that is hella rude ok

Cute Sign Language Illustrations By Alex Solis

A for Apple

B for Bear

C for Cats

D for Dog

E for Elephant and Eagle

F for Fox and Fish

G for Gorilla

H for Hippo

I for Iguana

J for Jaguar

K for Koala

L for Lion

M for Monkeys

N for Narwhal

O for Octopus

P for Penguin and Pig

Q for Quail

R for Rabbit

S for Skunk

T for Turtle and Toucan

U for Unicorn

V for Vampire

W for Walrus

X for X-rays

Y for Yak and Yarn

Z for Zebra and El Zorro

Quick and Easy DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

Christmas is just a few days away! All those presents you purchased are now ready to be wrapped. Instead of spending additional money on wrapping paper, tags and embellishments, why not create your own? With a little planning and a few basic supplies, your family and friends will feel extra special, knowing you not only put thought into their gifts but the wrapping as well.

Our top DIY gift wrapping ideas

1. Use what you have

When shopping, I often check out dollar or “bargain” sections of department stores as well as the clearance section of my local craft store. If I see plain bags, boxes or tins, I pick up a few to have on hand. A roll of kraft paper, which is always handy, can be purchased in the envelope/postage supply section of most department stores or the post office. As a crafter, I always have plenty of card stock, inks, stamps and ribbon. With packaging in mind, look through your supplies. You might be surprised to find you have most of what you need to create your own unique and thoughtful packaging.

2. Spruce up plain gift bags

Plain gift bags are available in a plethora of sizes and colors, easily decorated to fit any occasion. While the bag above was already embellished with gold stripes, these could easily be added to a plain bag using washi tape or glitter and double-sided tape. Add a pretty bow, tie a few jingle bells to the center and attach a homemade tag. Use die-cut letters, stickers or a handwritten note to convey your sentiment.

3. Decorate plain boxes

White boxes, available at most dollar stores, can be decorated quickly and easily in any number of ways. I randomly stamped reindeer onto my box and lid, coloring a few of the noses with a red marker. I created a simple matching tag and added a red rhinestone to the deer’s nose for an extra touch of uniqueness.

4. Use kraft paper

Gifts wrapped in kraft paper (or a brown grocery bag) can easily be stamped or decorated with stickers, tape or painted, tied with a pretty ribbon and embellished with a homemade tag or ornament.

5. Re-purpose cute containers

A re-purposed tea tin makes a great container for a small gift or treat. Decorate the top with a pretty die-cut or hand-cut snowflake and glitter tape. Wrap the sides with glittered card stock or patterned paper.

6. Don’t forget the inside

Adhere stamped or patterned paper to the inside of a tin with a window, tie a pretty ribbon and add an embellished tag. The ribbon will slide off easily without untying, giving the recipient quick and easy access to the gift or treat inside.

7. Even lunch bags will work

Regular brown lunch bags can be used for gift giving, too. Simply cut across the top with decorative scissors, insert your gift, fold over, punch two holes and thread or tie a ribbon. Greenery or a candy cane tied within the bow adds a nice touch. The bag could also be decorated with stickers, stamps or tape.

8. Dress up gift cards

Gift card envelopes can be dressed up with ribbons and bells. Use die-cut letters or stickers to spell out the recipient’s name.