🎃Now, listen carefully.🎃

I want submissions! Of you in your Halloween costume! It doesn’t have to do anything with food.

I’m sick as f*** and I don’t know what will I do for tonight’s party. So at least let me see your ideas :)

My cat decided to be… what the hell is that.


Anyway, submit please, and if you don’t want me to publish it, just say so in the submission. Thanks :)



"Arguments always sound better in my head"

Flashback to one year ago, and Minky’s first Halloween.

We did not go trick-or-treating with him (partially because I had to work that night), but this year we are going to head out with his (slightly older) cousins and see how far we all make it.  Should be fun.  He is all about the candy!  Then Saturday night Navyy & I are handing him off to my parents for an overnight while we go to a Halloween party.  We joked that we should just drop by for a few minutes and then just come back to our place and sleep for 12 hours, but we will probably actually be social or something.

Costume pictures (of all of us) to come, but a very happy Halloween everyone!

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever comment negatively on someones appearance. Never say, oh that person has a weird nose or bad teeth or a fat body or an unflattering complexion. Never call someone ugly or anything synonymous with that word. Heck take that word out of your vocabulary. NEVER FUCKING DEGRADE SOMEONE ON SOMETHING THAT THEY CANNOT CHANGE AND IF THEY COULD STILL DON’T DO IT


tideischanging said:

I think it's really interesting how some people think that I'm deep when in reality I'm just making connections from one idea to the next, I'm not sure if that's something other ADHDers do or if I'm not phrasing it right?

ADHDers are known for making what others consider “random” connections between ideas. It can make us seem either deep or really out to lunch, depending on the kinds of connections we end up making. :)


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