so sunggyu guested on tablo’s radio show. and at first, it was like… oh cute, they’re wearing couple shoes

and then it was … oh cute, they took a photo together

wait, what is tablo pointing to?

ermagad, he’s wearing a sunggyu shirt



Sunggyu: L - two faces

Dongwoo: He’s a totally different person…

Hoya: L and Myungsoo are two different human beings…

Sungyeol: He is cool on stage, but not elsewhere.

Sungjong: He has a chic image but in real life he’s active and fun.

Teen Top’s C.A.P: Infinite L - You are all being fooled by him.

Rainbow’s Jisook: He seems like a flower boy with a cold aura, but he’s actually a heodang (unexpectedly clumsy).

HelloVenus’ Yoo Ara: Cold image vs bright and refreshing manner man.

[Article] BoA and INFINITE’s Sunggyu Make It into Top 10 of Billboard World Album Chart 

BoA and INFINITE member Sunggyu have been seeing success with their latest releases, as it has been revealed that they both made it into the Top 10 of Billboard’s World Album Chart.

According to the official homepage of Billboard on May 22, BoA’s new album took charge at number six, while Sunggyu, who recently made his solo comeback, ranked at number eight on the chart.

This past May 12, BoA released her eighth full-length album titled “Kiss My Lips.” Furthermore, Sunggyu officially returned as a solo artist after almost three years with his new album titled “27” on May 11.

In related news, both BoA and Sunggyu also jumped into the Top 50 of iTunes’ Top Album Chart for the pop category this past May 13.

source. soompi   

** If you haven’t please purchase ‘27′ 

[Article] INFINITE’s Sungyeol Cast in JTBC’s New Drama “D-Day” 

It is being reported that INFINITE member Sungyeol has been cast in JTBC’s upcoming drama titled “D-Day.”

A representative of Woollim Entertainment shared with Star News and TV Report on May 22, “Sungyeol will be joining ‘D-Day’ after confirming his casting today. His specific role has yet to be decided. He will challenge a brand new acting transformation through this production.

”“D-Day” is a disaster medical drama that is currently in discussion to begin airing after “My Love Eun Dong” ends its run. Model-actor Kim Young Kwang was recently revealed to have been cast in “D-Day” as the male lead.

Meanwhile, Sungyeol showed off his acting abilities in KBS’ drama “Hi! School – Love On” last year.

Are you looking forward to his comeback on the small screen?

source. soompi

[TRANS] INFINITE’s members' support for Sunggyu’s 27 Album?

Tablo: Among your members, which one gives you the most support?

Sunggyu: I live together with Hoya-ssi. Hoya-ssi always monitors me, and always supports me. Dongwoo-ssi also supports me a lot. Woohyun-ssi also. Well, honestly, all members support me.

Tablo: Well, who gave you the least support?

Sunggyu: Umm.. L-ssi? *laughs* Its a very honest answer LOL He is originally not very expressive as a person.

Tablo: Yes, he is a bit chic isnt he?

Sunggyu: Thats why he didnt say much to me (about 27)

Tablo: But, its not like he didnt support you at all right?

Sunggyu: Ah, of course its not like that!

Tablo: Its just that other members talks so much about it (Sunggyu’s new album) right?

Sunggyu: yes, yes. When I shot my album photojacket, he came in person, and bought me and all the staffs coffee.

source: 150520 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio

[NEWS] Sungyeol will be acting in a new JTBC Drama “D-Day”! :D

The drama will be an emergency medical drama, where emergency doctors and rescue workers struggle in difficult disaster situations. Actor Kim Youngkwang has confirmed to also star in this drama, while other actors and actress such as Jeon Somin, Ha Seokjin, and Lee kyeong-yeong are still under discussion.


[150522] KBS Music Bank | Sunggyu - Kontrol