Man, I get it, Day of Silence is pretty controversial if you want to break it down, and I’m happy I was eventually informed of this, but honestly it’s not all bad to participate. I’m pansexual, and today I participated in the day of silence, because I wanted people to ask. And as much as you might think it’s ass backwards to DELIBERATELY not speak, boy do you need to help me count the number of people that stopped to ask me about the Day of Silence and its purpose. To be honest, though, I did break my silence. Once. Because coincidentally we got on the subject of conversion therapy today! And golly gee if that didn’t give me the opportune moment to direct attention towards the topic. 

Point is, sometimes we don’t have the money to donate things, or the family support to attend clubs, or the omniscient ability to call out any utterance of anti-gay anything in our vicinity, or most of all the attention of people that needed to hear the message most. Sometimes all we can do is slap some tape on our mouths and point the ignorant or uninformed in the right direction. And from my experience, that’s what happened. Successfully.

And in all honesty, giving people a visual representation of the silence we keep is symbolic in my opinion. I can also, however, see how the deliberate silence could rub some the wrong way. But don’t put down or scorn people for participating in a event with good intentions that they see differently from you. Everyone will have a different approach to spreading awareness and the like, so this bickering over what is and isn’t an acceptable way of going about it and calling participants scum and such (and might I add that a LOT of participants are underclassman???) seems ridiculously uncalled for. You do you, they do they, I’ll do I. We’re all singing the same song in the end. 

Edited Repost- Homestuck Shipping Calculation

By the assumed count of 235 characters- not counting imps, ogres, the likes, and summing the Circle of Horrorterrors to one, as their definite number is undefined. Not to mention implied characters in existence  still not counted as we have not bee introduced to them or they are unimportant to the plot. Also in use of the standard, expected count of participants in each relationship. 

Found using Combination and Possible Outcome. (online comb. calculator used)


Auspice alone earned most number of possible ships at 2,190,670 possible auspistices.

The following three quadrants each are standard pairing ships, so commonly, only 2 participants. There are 27,730 possible ships for each quadrant, and all sum up to have 173, 190 ships not counting auspistism .

The count for the original four quadrants, again, not counting alt. timelines and assuming character count of 235, is *drum roll*

2, 217,930



Okay, so for the charms, my easiest approach was first understanding how the combos could be accounted for through a visual. 

Now, using combination (restricting repeat, as it wouldn't make sense to have a combo of the same charm repeating. It’d defeat the purpose of combos), it has a mid point in which it begins reflecting.

1 charm - 9 possible

2 charm combo- 36 possible

3 charm combo- 84 possible

4 charm combo- 126 possible

5 charm combo- 126 possible

6 charm combo- 84 possible

7 charm combo- 36 possible

8 charm combo- 9 possible

9 charm combo- 1 possible

If you look at the 3x3 box, you will understand how it reaches a loop when you can only have one combination of 9 charms and vice versa. 

So using “possible outcome”, the simplest way to deal with this, we have a total of 511 different charm combos for each possible 2-way pairing (27730) 

511 * 27730

14,170,030 charm ships

We have a grand total of 14,170,030 charm ships possible.

    Although, you have to consider this is under the assumption that they’re strictly paired charm, unlike auspice, which racked up the most numbers.


    This leads to the sum of both Charm and Quadrant ships under standard participant number and assumption, at character count 235, to be….

    *drum roll*

    16,387,960 ships

    *~NOT COUNTING the thousands upon thousand of alt. timelines and dead.~*


    I don't like talking about politics, but I want to say one thing in the aftermath of Texas last night, then move on

    Few things annoy me more than people refusing to allow people to celebrate a victory.

    Now, everywhere I look, instead of people coming together and fighting and celebrating at each others’ sides, I see people complaining that we aren’t giving enough attention to other things.

    I understand, on the one hand. Terrible things are happening and I’m sure, when they’re near and dear to someone’s heart, it’s frustrating to see others disregard them.

    But at the same time–I am not as focused on things happening around the world as I am on things in my immediate area. I cry for the injuries done to my people, as people all over the world cry for the injuries done to theirs. It doesn’t mean that I’m apathetic. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care and don’t want people around the world to have the same rights and luxuries as I do, it isn’t that I don’t want to see justice done. Because I do.

    But I am allowed to cheer the victories that are happening in my backyard. I saw the same thing happen after the Boston Bombing–don’t cry for those people. Worse things have happened and are happening. I saw it happen after the Aurora Shooting and that hit me even closer to home than Boston, because unlike with Boston, I spent the day making phone calls to my friends to make sure that no one had been there. A friend of a friend was killed there.

    Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be concerned for my loved ones because strangers have been killed. Don’t tell me that I shouldn’t be happy about a local victory because someone else has been defeated. People focusing on their loved ones, neighbors, and personal rights is not a sin.

    I won’t speak for anyone else. But if I can’t go two feet without being chastised for not being invested enough in the “correct things” (as defined by people I’ve never met), what you’ll see is me being invested in nothing at all.

    Allow me my victory. Allow me one day to celebrate it. Allow me my sorrows, and one day to grieve them. I cannot be everywhere for everyone at all times. I can only do what I can.

    it’d be cool if word recognised people despite them using many many different computers over the years, and finally when you save that final draft of that last uni assignment ever the paper clip guy pops up again and says…

    “ya did kid kiddo, i knew you had it in you, you’ve made me proud”
    that would make me so happy for some reason~


    “What…? Where Arrr ye all comin’ from? We aren’t the popular animatrons! Just th’ broken ones.” Foxy speaks up in confusion.

    “Oh how lovely! Now we have even more friends and enemies to interact with!” Mangle calls out from her perch on the ceiling.

    Mishka doesn’t seem pleased to be surrounded by more animatronics and humans but is not in a mood to argue it.

    //I had 38 last I checked.. Logged out and logged back in and BAM, 62. Did I get a promo or something? I’m not worthy ;-;