It’s the human version of Pabu and Naga. :) I know, the colouring is a huuuuuge fail.

I feel that Pabu would be a charming womanizer like Bolin, and Naga would be very understanding and friendly, while being merciless and vicious.  Enjoooooy!

Art and their clothing and bodily designs(c) me, Foxsnout45

Pabu and Naga(c)LoK

The truth about us Once-ler fans....

Reasons why we all love the Once-ler!

1.Overall Appearance: As teenagers (most of us, that is) are afraid of heart-breakers, cheaters, and beaters (this is exactly the reason why the Beatles became so popular), so we look for the non-threatening : Baby-face; Button nosed; cute expressions; thin, slender frame; Meekness; Innocence (He’s in a child’s movie!); humorous nature; and regretting the aftermath of a bad decision RIGHT after the problem has already propelled into motion.


The Once-ler is tall, thin, baby-faced with a button nose, bunny jammies, and although he has a very rough outlook (checkered past anyone?) he does realize his mistakes and after some clearly well-needed thinking, was ready to fix them.

What girl would be crazy not to love that?!


2.Features: As women we love things that are not very common, in our case, dark haired men with bright blue eyes (for men, it’s red headed women with green eyes), pasty skin (sort of leaves this desire to want to nurture and care for some one with fair, sickly skin),  he also cooks, plus his clothing does look great on him, and if a woman loves anything it’s a well-groomed man. ;)


3.Grooming: He clearly cares for his look because he brushes his teeth, and a lot apparently if he cares about the current state it’s in….

He’s hair is shiny, clean, and swept to the side. Like an innocent school-boy (A lot of you with Once-ler fetishes, I’m talking to you! :D)! His home seems cleanly, his bed is made, everything seems to be in place! (Except when he turns old, I can imagine he just doesn’t care…) PLUS THAT GREEN SUIT! Suits mean rich, dapper men which means anything you could possibly want (that money could buy that is), not to mention how surprisingly hot he is in it….


So I guess if you really think about it, and I mean Really think about it, these really are the reasons we love Oncie- just down to a science. :)


"Dressed in your friday best,
And ready to impress whoa-oh
I like the show,
And can I say that you’re the prettiest girl that I know,
Or will ever know,
So give me your hand”
-Give me your Hand~ The Ready Set
Fox proposing to Krystal. <3
So my friend has really got me into the Star Fox series, and I’ve got to say, these two are my otp.
Right now I’m on the final boss of Star Fox Adventures, next it will be Assault. 
I’ve been listening to this song for days, Help.

(Before you judge me, I normally listen to indie music, so yeah, it’s saying something if I like it. I like the beat, I guess. XD)

Fox and Krystal(c)Nintendo/Rareware
art and designs(c)me, Foxsnout45