Oh my god. I just re-read First of the Gang to Die again and I cried twice as much. It is so good you guys. I really can’t express how amazing it is. It’s so heart-warming and lovely and dramatic and just overall phenomenal. It is better than the Dove Keeper and A Splitting of the Mind. It does have a few minor mistakes, but that doesn’t take away from the whole lovely experience. I swear, guys. You seriously need to read it. It is better than just a fanfiction. It’s better than every single book I have read in my whole life- and I read A LOT. I swear if you read it you will not be sorry. It’s by unitedsuck007 on Ficwad. I know I have already told you to read it a couple months ago, but I’m telling you to read it again. I just cannot stay away from it.