When you jokingly say you’re “in the mood”


You’re alone in the recording studio with Kwon Jiyong. He’s by the piano, making beats for probably a new song of theirs. You’re seated by the table beside him bored and particularly doing nothing because Jiyong’s too busy in writing music (and when he starts working, there’s nothing that can distract him. Nothing… unless…)

“Ya oppa~” You slump your head on the table and look at him. “Are you done?”

He stops for a while and turns his chair to face you. “Almost,” he smiles as he moves towards you and pats your head. “Is oppa making you bored?”

“I-it’s not that,” You sit up and clasp your hands together, mustering the cutest face you could possibly do. “I… I think watching oppa work…”

“What?” His mouth crooks upward, almost in a playful smirk.

“…watching oppa work…” You whisper to him. “T-t-turns me on…” You cover your face in your hands and look away from him. Hah, distract Jiyong from work – mission complete!

He smiles at you, thinking you really meant it when in fact you were just playing around. You turn to him slowly and just when he’s about to come close to you and lean in, you push him away, smiling.

“Just kidding~”

He pauses for a while and suddenly, “Ya!” He yells at you. “Ya! Do you think I’ll let you off now?”

You look at him and move away. “O-oppa…”

He shakes his head and smirks as he pulls you close to him, cupping your face and leaning his forehead against yours. “You brought this upon yourself, sweetie.”



You call Choi Seung-hyun’s attention from the manhwa he’s been reading for the past five minutes. “What?” He says. You look at him and shake your head. He turns back to reading and you take some time to examine his features. It’s weird because he suddenly wears his glasses after a long time and it suddenly makes him really handsome today.Especially with those long lashes, those thin lips…  and those—

You stop and think about what his reaction would be like if you actually said it out loud… Ah, this would be fun.

“I think,” You say to yourself. “I think I’m in the mood to do things with oppa right now.”

He looks up from his manhwa and turns to you, surprised. “Really?”

You nod at him but seeing how amusing his expression was, you couldn’t hold it to yourself anymore and ended up laughing. “Sorry, I was just playing around.”

“Aigoo,” He closes his manhwa and touches your cheek, smirking. “Too bad oppa wasn’t.”

He leans in and kisses you softly. “Hmm, are you playing around now?” He whispers against your lips with that deep tone of his.

You look into his eyes for a short second and you think, your plan got backfired.

You smile and shake your head as he leans in and kisses you again.

On a second thought, who cares if your plan got backfired anyway?


You’re in the streets, casually holding hands. You look at Dong Young Bae (who doesn’t really look like him right now because of his disguise) and laugh.

“What?” He asks. He’s wearing a big coat and a winter cap, along with a scarf to cover half of his face. You both have been walking around for a while now but because of his disguise, no one knew who he was. “If it’s about what I’m wearing… I’m doing it for you, okay?”

“I know that,” You tighten your hold on his hand and smile at him. “I’m glad YG allowed you to go out today… and for being with me today, despite of the consequences – let’s sleep together tonight, okay?” You look at him for a short moment and then break away, laughing.

“Ya,” He laughs with you, showing his infamous eye smile. “You’re not messing with oppa, right?” He looks around if anyone’s nearby and slowly moves towards you. “Cause… I’m not going to let you go easy if you are…” He caresses your cheek and leans in, kissing you on the lips and looking deep in your eyes.


“Wha— What’s this?” Kang Daesung laughs as he turns the TV on, accidentally tuning on an adult program. You look at him for a while and as soon as he gets the remote to change the channel, you hold his hand and prevent him from doing so.

He looks at you, confused. You look back with the most serious expression you’ve ever done with him. “Oppa, I think—I think it’s the right time for us to do it…”

“W-what are you saying?” He takes the remote and switches it to Doraemon. He’s quiet for a while and suddenly turns his attention to you, raising his eyebrow and biting his lips. “Where did my innocent wife go?”

You look at him and chuckle at his expression.

He smiles at you and clicks his tongue. “Aish… this girl, really… you were kidding weren’t you?”

You nod and he wraps his arm around you and you lean on him, smiling to yourself as you both watch Doraemon.


You’re both at a restaurant when in the middle of eating; you suddenly notice how handsome Seungri has become these days. “Ya,” You whisper to him. He looks up from his food and raises an eyebrow. “You’ve become more handsome lately, haven’t you?”

He smiles at this and nods his head. “I’ve always had, how come you don’t notice, huh?”

You laugh and continue eating. After a moment, you call his attention again and start playing footsies under the table. “Ya,” You whisper to him again, this time you smile at him seductively. “Let’s do it later, okay?”

He lets out a small sigh and looks at you with a doubtful expression. “Oppa knows when you’re joking and when you’re being honest.” He stops and leans his chin on his palm. “You’re joking right now, aren’t you?”

You nod and laugh and continue to eat your food. But he later kicks you lightly and this time, he’s wearing a seductive smile as he looks at you.

“What?” You tell him.

“Let’s do it later for real.” You open your mouth to argue but he beats you right to it. “No exceptions. You started it.”

This was inspired from foshobigbang’s scenario. I think you already know her but if you don’t, please check her out her scenarios are really good :)

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