"The Last Stand" - The Forgotten Wartime Structures of Great Britain

A book by photographer Marc Wilson.

  • Front Gun Placements - Portland, Dorset, England
  • Pillbox - Abbott’s Cliffe, Kent, England
  • Fort - Brean Down II, Somerset, England
  • Anti-Tank Wall - Lossiemouth II, Moral, Scotland
  • Pillbox - Studland Bay I, Dorset, England
  • Anti-Tank Obstacles - Widemouth Bay, Cornwall, England

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Even from the outside, the looming fortress known as Rocchetta Mattei looks like a cobbled together hodge podge of architectural influences, and the interior is even crazier thanks to the castle’s more-than-a-little eccentric creator Cesare Mattei who is best known as the father of “electrohomeopathy,” a medical practice said to cure cancer.

Visit Atlas Obscura for more on this hilltop fortress and it’s curious creator

New Viking fortress found near Køge

Found in a field belonging to the Vallo Diocese estate, a Viking Age circular fortress rewrites the Danish history books. It is the fifth construction of its kind found in Denmark, but the first such discovery in sixty years, reports Politiken.

“It’s great news!” Lasse CA Sonne, a Viking Age historian from the Saxo Institute at the University of Copenhagen, told the newspaper.

“Although, there were Vikings in other countries, these circular fortresses are unique to Denmark. Many have given up hope that there were many of them left.” Read more.


Archaeologists just found a 1,000-year-old Viking fort

Last week, archaeologists announced the excavation of a stone fortress — Vallø Borgring — on the Danish island of Zealand. Presumed to date to the 10th century and the reign of King Harald Bluetooth, the fortress is distinguished by its circular shape — a style unique to Denmark, Lasse Sonne, a Viking historian from the University of Copenhagen, told the Telegraph. It’s only the fifth circular fortress ever found, the third-largest of its kind and the first to be unearthed in over 60 years.

It shows a new side of the historic warriors | Follow micdotcom 

Castillo de Gormaz

Location: Gormaz, Soria, Spain

c. 10th century

Spain never ceases to surprise me with it’s hidden treasures. I have visited Soria and surrounding villages and somehow missed this awesome 10th century Muslim fortress. Needless to say, I will be figuring this into my travel plans this fall for sure.