I’m very inactive the last few months and my blog is more out of queues than anything else. But people still stay awesome and there a new and old. So this follow forever is once again about anyone who’s amazing, people who talk(ed) with me and surely some who have no clue who I am. [*waves awkwardly at this moment*]. With my head of a bread, I have surely forgotten about a bunch. So at the end of this post you find a blogroll. And with this go on with happy blogging XD. (without any special order as always)

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so at this new school, one of the class trips goes to Spain (which happens like this october)

and yes i am really fucking exited and NO I WON’T HIDE IT because i’ve been to the same place we’re going like 9 times and i’ve spent alot of my childhood there so going back is going to be very emotional for me :CCC 

so yeah I can’t help that I’m veryveryveryveryvery exited about this

Watch on restinpiecesx.tumblr.com

//Can we all just take the time to appreciate—