Today whilst walking back from uni, I spotted a cluster of mushrooms. I walked home, then rushed back with a Tupperware to collect them. I have now identified them as the variety mycena but don’t now their specific name. I later used them as an offering, and I set up my alter with toadstool candles and gave thanks for the autumn. You can find nature in the most unlikely of places!

Hooray! Forrage has begun its blog. We are very excited to get our gears turning and can’t wait to snag a number of fantastic beta users! Check back soon for further updates about beta signups. We’re hoping to begin accepting interested folk in the next week or so! Stay posted!

- Team Forrage


Check out Forrage’s new look (and updated video). And, if you haven’t already, be sure to signup for an invite to the site. We should have the beta up and running very soon!


Forrage : The Debut!

You can now sign up to test the Forrage beta! The beta site should be up and running in the next few months.

Sign up for Forrage here!

Forrage is an online trade-marketplace designed to help redistribute items and reduce consumption. Reuse the unused.

Check back frequently for more reasons why Forrage rocks. We will like you even more if you share Forrage with your friends and family. More awesome users means more awesome stuff.

- Team Forrage

A little refresher.

Who is Forrage and what is our goal?

Forrage.com is an upcoming marketplace for the trade of goods and services. We are focused on sustainability and collaboration - and just plain interested in helping recirculate the stuff we already have! We are currently in the development stages and would LOVE all the support we can get. You can help Forrage by showing an interest: please “Like" Forrage on Facebook, and share our blog with others! Updates soon to come.

Everyone likes stuff. Let’s redistribute instead of adding more.

- Team Forrage