Fiqh of Love.

Mashallah great lecture about the Fiqh of love! He talks about how easy it is to utter the words of ‘I love you’ but when it comes down to it, are we ready to sacrifice for the one we claim to love? Whether it be our spouse, parents, friends or children.

He also talks about how culture is corrupting Islam even in the most basic and easy things like marriage. Marriage is becoming hard but adultery and fornification is becoming easy. He states that the most basic weddings with the least amount of money spent are the marriages Allah (SWT) gives the most baraka, regardless of what certain cultures expect. Subhanallah!

Another thing he talks about is how we should greet our brothers and sisters in Islam. Nowadays, when we smile or give Salam to someone, they either ignore you or worse, glare at you. This is one of the signs of Jum al-Qiyama coming closer. May Allah (SWT) make it easy for us on that day.

Lastly, he talks about how to love your child even in the worst scenarios. Supporting them and being there for them when they have erred. Mashallah!