Episode 7047 - Sir David Tang

EPISODE NUMBER: 7047 (April 6, 2011)
GUESTS: Sir David Tang
SEGMENTS: Wisconsin Supreme Court Race, My Fair Colbert - Hugo Vickers, WD-40-1
VIDEOS: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

When Stephen starts a field piece in anything tweed, you know it’s going to be classic. Also, was it just me, or was Stephen’s “Stiff upper lip” almost identical to his impression of Jerri Blank? Let’s keep in mind, Ladies of the C-Section, that this is a family blog, so let’s keep the discussion of Stephen’s stiffy to a minimum. Unlike Stephen’s stiffy. But I digress. Hugo Vickers was such a perfect companion to “Stephen”, both playing along with his silliness, and treating him like a child when he was acting like one. It was both hysterical and endearing. Also? Stephen’s rocking of the no-glasses ascot look is love.

So how adorkable was Stephen when he was yelling “Women of earth, keep me!” And let’s keep that talk of Stephen Colbert’s Formula 401 to a minimum. Unlike the warehouse stockpiles. But I digress.

I was rather underwhelmed with David Tang. I don’t understand the concept of the site - it’s like he bought a URL and said “If you’d like to say something about yourself, pay me a lot of money and you can say it on my site.” I am obviously doing this website thing all wrong. This guy sounded more like the subject of a “Difference Makers” segment than a guest.

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