I refuse to give my baby formula just for a restful nights sleep or a night out.

It doesn’t agree with him in ways that doesn’t affect other babies. He spends a week writhing in pain. I never want him to have to suffer like that again.

People keep asking when I’m ‘free’.

I chose to have a child, I chose to technically never be ‘free’ again and going out to get pissed is the last thing on my mind.

Him first, me second. And I’m happy that way. I will get to go out again once he’s weaned. What difference does another 6 months make if I’ve already done 10?

If you aren’t committed to your baby and are just waiting to get out on the town again then you shouldn’t have had a baby in the first place.

People seem to forget its an entire life they’re moulding, its not a toy!

I'm taking a class on Breastfeeding

I came across this scary statistic:

"Presently, a day’s supply of infant formula costs about $4.00 in the United States. The cost is very similar in the developing world where family income may be $100 - $200 a month."

In the U.S. there are programs like WIC that help you buy certain things like formula but it only covers certain kinds and in certain amounts. This can be a problem because formula fed infants are more likely to have issues digesting formula like diarrhea and constipation and certain formula can make it worse. Also every child progresses differently which means you may be needing more formula when past the time when WIC will give it to you. For families that don’t have enough money for formula they tend to water it down. This provides less nutrition and can cause more health issues.

Does anyone have any stories to share about affording formula and government programs to help families. What is it like in other countries? What can we do to help insure children are fed enough?


One of my favorite scenes from the movie “Rush”

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Empieza la Formula E y no le falta espectáculo