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Computational art project from Parag K. Mital and Evan Boehm generates abstract 3D forms from a 24 hour news feed - video embedded below:

Dec. 11 2014

365 days ago, Parag K. Mital and Evan Boehm collaborated on the following video collage using only images collected from the previous 24 hour news cycle. The entire video was computationally generated from those images over the 24 hours.

Previously unreleased, this is the result.

No post effects were used.

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The stages of a Phoenix Eye punch, commonly used in Bak Mei and a number of other styles of Chinese martial arts.

Similarly to a Wing Chun punch, the force of the strike comes from the body. It’s not swung but, instead, comes from the core. Somewhat different to Wing Chun, the hips are involved here with the punch often calling for the hips to pivot in order to add power.
At first, the hand remains open. This allows for ease of movement and extra speed. Only just before the punch connects does the fist tighten and the index finger curls and protrudes to form a “point.

Look at the shape of the arm too. The punch comes from under and goes up.
This not only caters to momentum but allows the knuckle to get up, under ribs and into vital areas…causing what I imagine is a fuck load of pain.
Not every Bak Mei punch incorporates this particular shape and style of hitting an opponent, but it is worked into the forms so that it can be used to deliver pain and damage when an appropriate target present itself.

Because we become more
than our bone structure,
more than what the mirror gives us.

Growing up to learn sometimes
teeth are for biting
or for shaping words your own.

Otherwise, they just sit in your mouth.
Pretty little horses.
Pretty little dangers.

In your palm, a red stone
light as pumice.
Rocks don’t lie: even the deepest buried

will rise to bright sky. I don’t know what truth
sounds like on your tongue.
But I suspect it tastes of lemons.

—  Tamiko Beyer, from “Form,” The Margins (January 13, 2014)

Kata TOMARI BASSAI by Rika Usami 


This week of TLG covers minuets, including two annotated examples!

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