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You’ve probably never heard of her before, but Gwenog Jones’ BFF Leonore Martin is taking on the Ministry with the Free Wales Party (formerly known as the Welsh Separatist Faction). She sits down with us to talk about her international upbringing and the importance of multi-lingual government initiatives.

Muggles and Muggleborns go to the polls in May! Find out if you’re eligible to vote and how to register.

Your taste buds will be trembling with excitement - Witch Weekly coaxes out the secret Hogwarts House Elf recipe for TREACLE TART! (Some Firewhiskey may help alleviate those taste buds though.)

Molly advises on costly bridesmaid dresses and pernicious poltergeists.

Our correspondent traveled the globe during March’s Fashion Weeks and has brought the style directly to you!

We celebrate two “BAMF” ladies: The “Iron Chancellor” Angela Merkel and the formidable fallen hero, Amelia Bones.

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9 Bands Who Should Play 2015 Goatchella (F.K.A. SF's 7th Annual Goat Festival)

9 Bands Who Should Play 2015 Goatchella (F.K.A. SF’s 7th Annual Goat Festival)

Yesterday, Dallas reported on the upcoming party of the decade, Goatchella (formerly known as CUESA’s 7th Annual Goat Festival).

At the time, the Festival had around 1,500 people RSVP’d to the Facebook invite, which is a pretty considerable amount for any Ferry Building Event.

However, as of this writing, for some reason, over 7,600 people are attending. In addition, there’s a Goatchella…

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shionsonozaki96 asked:

What happened to you? Were you fed too many bugs for breakfast or just woke up on the wrong side of the worm pit this morning (betting it was probably a combination of both)

Foolish girl! You would dare to challenge me?

If you must know, I finally eliminated the worthless existence formerly known as Shinji Matou. The rush of pleasure I felt after doing so made me realize that I’ve been broken all along, so why deny myself any longer?

Surely you of all people understand how liberating it is to kill your own rotten family members, Sonozaki Mion-san.

DM: Okay, the smith’s name is Darock. 

Fighter: Da-Rock? Like ‘The Rock’? Can the name of his shop be ‘Da-Rock Shop’?

DM: Yeah… Actually, this may have been a mistake…

Fighter: I’m just picturing a dwarf version of Dwayne Johnson. 

DM: Okay, fine, his name is… Vondal.

Mage: Who? 

Paladin: The artist formerly known as ‘Da-Rock.’