I am missing my Aquarius

What are dreams? 

You’ve been visiting me in mine every now and then for about a month solid now. 

I miss You. Obviously. It’s a nice thought to think that maybe you’re missing me too wherever you may be. Or that maybe sometimes I visit you in your dreams. 

I would say that I hope you’re happy but it seems silly because I know that You are :) I can feel it. 

To thy Self be True

Bigla ko s’yang na miss, natural lang naman yun diba? Bleh. Isa yan sa mga dahilan kung bakit napadpad ako dito sa tumblr. Yun e dahil para mag move on! HAHA.

Marami akong natutunan sa babaeng ‘to lalo na nung nakatabi ko s’yang matulog. De joke lang. Sobrang nirerespeto ko to! Napakabait neto sobrang napakagaling makisama. Halos lahat yata ng kamag-anak ko naging ka close n’ya. HAHA!

So paano hanggang jan nalang. HAHA! Basta na miss ko lang sya. Sayang na delete na yung iba pang mga pics namen. Buti nalang may natira pa. HAHA! Good Night! :”>

Positive things!

I was tagged by the stupendous crashingnotlike-hips-or-cars to post 5 positive things about myself and then tag 10 other people to spread the good vibes!
1. I’m a decent writer
2. I’m fairly good at art
3. People have said I’m a good singer
4. I’ve always believed I’m a fairly nice person
5. I’m a decent piano player I guess

I tag: hella-or-glory alltimemalum fakeyourdick folie-a-derp formerlove

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

I was tagged by the lovely jenns-meanderings Thank you :)

  1. Stickin to the floor - Arctic Monkeys
  2. Slumville sunrise - Jake Bugg
  3. Jan heter Finn - Ylvis
  4. This - Ed Sheeran
  5. Not with haste - Mumford & sons
  6. Everybody’s watching me - The Neighbourhood
  7. I just got paid - Kollektivet
  8. Explorers - MUSE
  9. Laura Palmer - Bastille
  10. Joining the dots - Arctic Monkeys

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formerlove said:

u should NEVR chill abt wes anderson. never get ur chill. unchill is nice. u have a nice lack of chill.

"oh my god you saw the grand budapest hotel??????? did u like it what did u think of it?man that movie is so pretty so so pretty so so so so so fucking pretty so so so so so so so somebody stop me right now"


snidget-vine said:

do the 62 three times

i, Proffessional Shit Bucket tumbler user Formerlove just see this ask and i Am going to do thi s thanks

62. These people «click the link.

a. fuck danica patrick, marry george harrison, kill mother teresa. i dont wanna kill mother teresa. but i dont wanna fuck mother teresa either, you feel 

b. fuck madonna, marry danielle steel„ kill roald dahl. i dont even know why 

c. fuck neil diamond marry napoleon bonaparte kill eleanor roosevelt (this is by far the best)

thank you you nerdball

alright, children, this is malu formerlove speakin

nina’s in big kid school right now - seriously congrats to her for getting into a cool uni and going to parties and getting a room and shit i mean for a little shy duck like me that’s fuckin impressive - and she’s going to intro week right now and i wish her the best of luck 

i am blogsitting for her and shall be for a while 

hope you enjoy my company and have a chill day y’alls

Me and my ex met after a couple of years.
  • Her:So, how are you?
  • Me:I am okay, you?
  • Her:I am fine. It has been so long since we last met face-to-face huh?
  • Me:Yeah, I know. We were just chatting on Facebook and nothing else. It is a good thing that we FINALLY meet-up!
  • Her:Hey, do you still remember our promise?
  • Me:Sure, how could I forget?
  • Her:We will still be friends no matter what right?
  • Me:Hell yeah! Don't forget, we will still watch each others back!
  • Her:*Super smiles at me.*
  • Me:What's with the facial expression for?
  • Her:I am just happy that we remained as friends after what happened to us.
  • Me:Well, I think destiny made us what we are right now. We started as strangers, to friends, to best-friends, to lovers, and back to friends. We realized that we have to be there for each other.
  • Her:By the way, I just wanna say that I love you as well, don't forget that you fool. I will always be here for you.
  • Me:*Smiles back!* Hey, I love you too. And yes, I won't ever forget that! That's what friends are for! Plus, you are like a sister to me! :)
  • Her:Aw, thanks. I am so glad you feel that way about me. I also consider you my brother, just so you know.
  • (After talking about a lot of other stuff...)
  • Me:We are damn lucky you know that right?
  • Her:I think so, but what makes you say that?
  • Me:Well, do you realize that not all people in our situation stayed as friends after the break-up right?
  • Her:Yeah, I know that. Dude, we managed to keep our friendship alive despite the obstacles we have been through.
  • Me:Yeah, it was rough but we made it.
  • Her:Because of that, we are stronger now. Our relationship is stronger now. We didn't end up as lovers but it ended so much better that and better than we expected our relationship would happen in the future!
  • Me:We can say that we were tested by fate and we rose to the occasion! :)
  • *This is one of the chapters in my life. This is real and it just proves that true friendships are tested in order for us to see the true strength of the friendship and to value the friendship you already have. It will never be always perfect or entirely filled with rainbows and roses. In order for it to be super special, you just have to hold on to the bond you have and make it more meaningful and stronger despite the obstacles.
  • **On the side note, if you and your ex broke-up it doesn't mean you have to destroy or forget the whole relationship you have created. Life has full of wonders, you just have to see the positive side of it. :)