Okay, here's the deal

My school formal/prom is happening tomorrow night, and I had the idea of shaving my head before it.
So if this gets five hundred notes before 10am tomorrow (NZST) I will shave my head.
This is a big change for me, and specially before formal- so I’d love your support.
If this gets the notes, I’ll start up a donation page for cancer so y’all can donate if you want.


Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna, 1887

"All those who knew her paid tribute to the extraordinary beauty and generous nature of this exceptional woman. Tall and slender, with serene gray eyes, a sweet and gentle expression and delicate clear-cut features, she added to these physical qualities a keen intellect and great kindness of heart. She was the sister of the Tsarina Alexandra and of the reigning Prince Ernest of Hesse-Darmstadt, and the daughter of Princess Alice of Great Britain; she was thus the granddaughter of Queen Victoria." - Prince Felix Yusupov